Apology to Lords Sarum, Newelle and to PIE, LUMEN, over Zashev rumors

As today’s news post has swiftly put to rest rumors of Orlon Zashev being put in command of Floseswin Reclaiming efforts, I will stand by the commitment I made yesterday.

I retract my earlier remarks, and offer my sincerest apologies to His Royal Highness Lord Sarum, and to Lord Newelle, PIE, and LUMEN, for jumping to conclusions over unsubstantiated claims made by what is clearly shown to be an utterly unreliable and unprofessional news source.

Thank you, Lord Sarum, for doing what was right. I was wrong to doubt your honor in this.

I shall subject myself to due punishment for my error in judgment.


I thank you for this statement, Samira Kernher. Though we are made enemies by circumstance and our choices for better or worse, we need not be hated foes. This show of humility is one many of us should take as example, myself included.

May you be redeemed, some day, before God.

Aldrith Ter’neth Shutaq Newelle
Lord Consort to Lady Mitara Newelle
Paladin Ordinary of the Sacred Throne Order


I thank you as well, Samira Kernher. In these troubled times, I confess I too had some brief doubt until I remembered the admonition Olacar xer Sarum gave to the loyalists, when we turned over Orlon Zashev to his Lord’s custody. The admonition being to be wary of threats within the Empire, attacking it from within. Those threats naturally would include disinformation, such as the scribblings of a drunken reporter.

As always I will pray for your soul.

Directrix Lunarisse Daphiti, Khimi Harar


Multiple errors, but a start…

Turning yourself into the proper authorities?


Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, my lady. There is still much work to be done.


None among us are perfect in our faith, sister Kernher, for we are not Sefrim. Instead, God compels us to bind together in our faith, so that we may temper one another’s faults. This is Holy Amarr, and our duty to the Chosen is, itself, faith in God.

Look to the faithful for companionship in prayer, and l trust God will show you a path.


This terrifies me.

Why does it? Not all punishments involve pain. Samira may select penitent prayer and community work to atone for her… misguided…judgement.

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But it’s Samira though.

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Samira is an adult who can make her own decisions.

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I think by “suject[ing herself] to due punishment” she probably means going to somebody like one of the Amarrian clerics in the Republic or something, Melisma. She’s apologizing for a single misjudgment, albeit a dramatic one. I’d be surprised if she treats it as invalidating her cause in a more general way, which is where she might submit herself to her old liege lord for punishment.

Basically, she’ll seek penance but probably not in a way that should have people fond of her too worried. For that same reason, it also won’t resolve the underlying conflicts, though.

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I can think of a few ways you can do just that. What do you say we get some drinks some time? Just you, me, and a certain Duke.

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Apologies—what I meant by “but it’s Samira though” is that she seems (at least to me) to judge and punish herself too harshly. I am worried about her well-being as well, though. Aria’s explanation does help.

Now that I think about the subject though, I guess I just lost a bet with a certain Lord Consort.


Would you like some accompaniment?

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On the same vein, I wish to also apologise to Lord Newelle.

I will admit that I find his support of any slavery-based Reclamation troubling considering his previous stances, and on that I am sure we will always disagree. However, my point was not made regarding this more general complaint, but based on what appears to have been incorrect assumptions from a source which, previously, has been reliable.

I will, therefore, take this opportunity to acknowledge that I was wrong and offer the Lord the respect due to one who was wronged. I also would like to petition The Scope to publish an official apology to Lord Sarum in particular and the House Newelle and PIE in general for whatever impact was felt by them from these seemingly false accusations.

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I just love how quick everyone is to just accept a single listing of Zashev on transfer manifest. Actual sightings? Nah. Confirmation of receipt? Nope! Footage of the guy in Ammatar custody? Pshaw, we’ve got a name… on a list.

That could never have been quickly added to the manifest, right up at the top, in response to the news reports a day earlier, could it?

Now, I’m not saying Sarum’s actually using him on Floseswin IV. I’m not even saying they didn’t hand him over. But if we’re gonna get all high and mighty about ‘rumors’, and people are gonna start falling all over themselves to apologize for believing an entirely credible[1] scenario, I think it’s important to remember that what we have now… is just a rumor, written down and fed through a transfer manifest, with nary a shred of corroboration in sight.

1. Credible scenario: There are at least 2 different scenarios where Sarum using Zashev makes sense:

First: Zashev is being used as disposable asset. The troops being used on Floseswin are House-affiliated mercenaries, after all, and no matter their traditional affiliations, mercs are mercs. They’re expendable. Zashev, let’s face it, is a subject-matter expert where slave raiding is concerned, and if he dies, nobody will feel like a valuable House asset has been lost.

Second: Sarum isn’t stupid, and knows who’s going to win their little Imperial Succession Struggle eventually.

It’s pretty much inevitable, after all. Unless House Khanid is utterly destroyed, Garkeh Khanid will continue to clone himself down through each generation of Heirs under different names (I’m betting the next one will continue the reverse-alphabetical progression and we’ll get like ‘Eddelwin Khanid’ next or something) until he manages to secure the Throne. At which point, the Theology Council, happily stocked with Khanid supporters, will decide that times have changes and Amarr needs solid continuity, so of course cloning is just fine for the Emperor. And then… anyone who gave Khanid any crap at all will pay.

So, with that in mind, Sarum’s using the tools he has, and he’s letting go of the ‘Grrr Khanid’, because in the end, it’s the only thing he can do to avoid the eventual destruction of his House.

Neither of those options is to say, of course, that that’s true… only that the potential scenarios for why it might be are no more outlandish than the official, uncorroborated, line.

My general approach to logic is that the simplest answer is the correct one.

We have two apparently opposite claims: that Zashev is heading the reclamation of Floseswin IV, and that Zashev was put on a manifest for transfer to the Mandate.

(Could both be true? Yes, but that automatically fails the simplicity test.)

Lacking evidence of either, we turn to what we know. We know that Sarum and Ardishapur held a summit. We also know that House Sarum got super mad about the former claim. Sarum are passionate above all else, and their response falls in line with that.

Therefore, Zashev heading to Tanoo is probably the better guess.

Also, I enjoy singing for people.


What Arrendis here fails to point out is the credibility of the given sources, and instead purely leverages her argument on the contents. One is quoting from a source that makes other claims about the spending and drinking habits of the soldiers, in line with something a regular drinker at the establishment, or possibly the bar tender, would say. The other is quoting officials, scheduled meetings and documents.

If you’re going to argue we can’t trust the latter, I’m going to pin that tail to you and say I’d trust the word of the former even less and that sets us back to square one. Namely, we know absolutely nothing of what is happening to Zashev.

Regardless, I aught to say I admire Samira’s decision to swiftly show contrition and humility in the face of evidence presented. I hope she continues to display such an admirable virtue, and apply it to all aspects of her life and thinking, long into the future.


I don’t necessarily trust either.

The punishment was rendered by someone with a better head for what I need than mine. I’m fine.