Apple announced they will be dropping Intel silicon

ATI is dead

Yeah, people like Gabe Newell, but what does he know.

I’m gaming on Linux exclusively for over 20 years. For the most time it wasn’t something regular people would enjoy.

However, for the last 5 years, things are improving very rapidly to the point where it is now far more convenient to use Linux overall and some games even start to perform better with wine than on win10.

As for AMD drivers, on Linux they are part of the kernel, work out of the box and Valve even made a shader precompiler that improves performance drastically.

And don’t worry man it’s not complicated. All you lose is a pile of garbage that is borderline malware called windows 10.

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While that’s true, people also always have been saying that raytracing is the future of graphics. Even an nvidia guy said, on a stage, that it always will be the future of graphics, implying that it will never hit the present. Ignoring that real time ray tracing has been a thing since the 90s, on CPUs, here we are with DVR and RTX. The same goes with AI, too.

They had some interesting things to say.

This is sad because ATI was the first company to make graphic cards for Apple computers.

I worked there, and, work there.

Bring back the Apple clones :smug:

Not ever going to happen again :slight_smile: Nearly killed them last time
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well we will see if or if not …
i am sure CCP will make the step if it pays out for them
its not like “ok we switch and then its only the ARM mac left” … they have to do 2 different clients for mac for a few years … and yes you can recompile code … if you want … but you need to test everything and you have to manually work on the code to … so its then 3 clients for CCP to maintain … so its not just hit the butten “recompile for arm mac” and thats it … its work and work costs money

yea … possible … its impressive what they can run on a smartphone or tablet but you cant tell me you can trade off a AMD R7 or a Intel i7 for a ARM when it comes to raw power … not features and such stuff … power …
next thing is … you want to combine it with a AMD/nVidia grafik card or use the ARM Mali grafik? same with the raw power …

ARM and its grafik is not bad … hell no its awesome and i wish amd and intel would bring some stuff arm allready has but when it comes down to raw power it cant compete (yet) …

and its not only 2 years … the change from apple power cpus to mac intel cpus was a thing of more then 6 years in reality … apple was done in shorter time but the people out there have there own thoughts … if you bought a macbook for 3000 … 3500 … 4000$ or a mac pro for 50.000+ you will not change in a year or two … and apple cant let them get unsupportet in 2 years … so it will take longer and it will cost money