[ARC] Corrupted trinary data compositing


(Veskin Sentinel) #42

I was there when the assassination happened, like many other capsuleers. Sadly, the Drifters shot and destroyed the capsule after the titan destruction…

(Umbre Fallenstar) #43

On the holofeed We have from the event, no, we can see a jump right after the titan being destroyed and then the drifter warp in this direction just after, and it’s only a few hours later that the chambellan announce the death of the empress.

[trying to retrieve the holofeed]


holofeed retrieved

at 1:50 she’s still alive and the drifter are TRYING to scramble her, then we see the flash of the jump, then almost immediately, the drifter fleet jump after her.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #44

You’re seeing wrong, dearie. I have watched the feed of an agent acting on my behalf. He was mere inches in relative terms from scooping her corpse for me before someone got there before him. The pod was breached. Her corpsicle was floating in space.

Of course, what you should consider is her clone, which intel agents pinpointed in a station after the loss of her capsule.

(Veskin Sentinel) #45

I see it on this holofeed too: Right after the warp scramble attempts (roughly at 1:47), the Drifter ships shot a volley at the capsule. The warp flashes after the titan explosion must have been other ships. Watch closely - they shot at something during and after the warp scramble attempts.

While I cant confirm this at 100% I am pretty sure they haven’t missed their shots.

It is a terrible loss and even if we are not certain, the officials declared her dead. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they hide something.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #46

then why they would delcare the death HOURS later?

it is known WHO have it?

(Mizhara Del'thul) #47

Too many people in scoop range to ever be sure. There’s even speculation the Drifters or the authorities ‘vanished’ the corpse. All we can say for certain is that it was floating in space, and then either scooped or gone.

(Veskin Sentinel) #48

It is typical for any officials that work closely with military investigations teams. They check the clones maybe, search for a corpse, search for any signs that may lead to information on the empress condition and after they compile their findings, which may take time, they contact the officials with their final statement. If you ask me, a few hours before announcement is made, is a short time for this kind of event.

(Jev North) #49

In bureacratic time, that’s microseconds.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #50

I didn’t knew that the empress had clones
but still, unless I see the corpse or a proof of it existing, I’ll always feel like there is something amiss here

any way, back to the topic, is someone knowing who named the warzones?

(Arrendis) #51

Miz is right. I was also on-field under cloak, and her pod’s destruction was registered. The corpse sat in space for nearly half a minute, clearly scannable, before unknown parties scooped it up.

(Makoto Priano) #52

Without delving too deeply into the circumstances surrounding the assassination of Empress Jamyl I, many of us did a lot of research and review of footage at the time, and many of us were on field. She was most certainly assassinated by the Drifters. I can only assume rumors of her survival after the fact are due to the standardized Capsuleer interfaces not properly registering the loss of a capsule with no burn scanner.

That said, pilots, a warning. Interest is growing and continually more trinary samples are entering the market and ARC’s stockpile. We are fast approaching the 600 unit threshold that I indicated would require a review, yesterday. We’ll soon need to adapt to changing market conditions to maintain acquisition. An update will go live at that time.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #53

what exactly are you doing with those things?

I’m curious to know

(Yarosara Ruil) #54

Isn’t it obvious?


(Umbre Fallenstar) #55

yeaa ^^"
but “science” is just a tiny bit vast

can we have more precisions?

I still have reservation about the “transparency” of ARC since the kyonoke inquest ^^"

(Jaret Victorian) #56

It’s data and we’re building a library.

Apart from that, finishing coordination on our equipment and calling staff back from leave and into the campus.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #57

basically, you’re just hoarding them…

(Makoto Priano) #58

Hello, Mr. Fallenstar! You’ll find the above post useful in understanding our plan. We’ve already begun formulating approaches for repairing the data, and are preparing our research installation. I believe the work will begin in earnest in the next week.

Please note that turnaround time on research is not usually a matter of hours, and that this remains a significant and rather sudden undertaking.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #59

Hello Ms Priano

I have indeed read your post about it, but once again, for now at least, you are just hoarding them.
I understood that you have access to specials informations and that you will use the corrupted data to, at least try, to restore some parts of them into readable data.

What I want to know now is the limits of your “transparency”, in other words: Can anyone who is not in ARC have access to this “Ouria Incident trinary cache” ? and if yes, how?

[OOC: I have nothing against ARC, it’s only in character that my char is suspicious ^^. And I want to add that it’s my first time trying to truly involve myself in the lore ^^", sorry if I do mistakes]

(Makoto Priano) #60

Unfortunately, as the Ouria Incident trinary cache is not ARC property, merely an asset ARC has access to, we are unable to provide outside access to it. I may be able to arrange something with the custodian, but I can make no promises on that front.

And, indeed, when it comes down to it, at this moment we’re in the acquisition phases. Make of that what you will.

(Umbre Fallenstar) #61

I would be really happy of I could have some informations, sometimes it seem really difficult to enter the closed circles of scientist.