[ARC] Corrupted trinary data compositing


(Jaret Victorian) #62

Do not worry, you will soon be able to visit the place. Security limitations may apply though.

(Trii Seo) #63

Breakthroughs are not achieved overnight. Existing resources mean an edge, not an instant solution.

Saying for myself, rather than Makoto - I would say that it is pointless to flood the IGS with every method, every approach, every garbage result. Or, for that matter, musing on whether the research facility has vodka.

(Jaret Victorian) #64


(Trii Seo) #65

…or at the very least beer?

(Jaret Victorian) #66

We aren’t monsters, Trii. Kaalakiota Peaks?

(Trii Seo) #67

Nice. Now we can do proper science.

…and by that, dear IGS, I mean brainstorm ideas and put them on paper when we get stuck. Nobody is going to be pushing a big red button labelled “dump everything into the memory of a supercomputer and try to execute it” while drunkenly screaming something along the lines of “they will all see!” or anything.

(Makoto Priano) #68

Please, winds, no. We’ve all seen that in enough budget holovid to last a lifetime.

(Mizhara Del'thul) #69

If there is no giant lever requiring huge rubber gloves to pull, with arcing electricity, mad laughter and ominous soundtracks going on, I want my money back.

(Makoto Priano) #70

Well, I suspect you’ll find the employee lounge satisfactory, then.

(Arrendis) #71

What is with you and electroshock?

(Makoto Priano) #72

A small alert, pilots, as the first post has been updated.

Bounty now stands again at 20m per unit, given the number hitting the market.

I suspect that as capsuleers find more of these facilities, the bounty will continue to be pushed downward. We’ll see how the situation develops.

(Makoto Priano) #73

Our stockpile now surpasses 1,400 samples of trinary data. As visibility continues to grow, and capsuleer operations increase in scope, we will be compelled again to lower the bounty. Ideally, we won’t be forced to lower it much further.

At 0200hrs New Eden Standard Time on 23.09YC119, we’ll be going to 15m per relic.

All contracts initiated before then will have the 20m bounty accepted.

(Han Bathana) #74

haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but do we have any indication of who the “parties unknown” are yet? Are they the reason the Drifters stopped their war against Amarr? Are the Drifters protecting us from some greater power, or is the greater power protecting us from the Drifters? I say greater power because I’ve seen Drifter debris, but nothing from anyone else. So either they are even more powerful, of very quick & efficient at cleaning up their garbage.

(Makoto Priano) #75

‘Parties unknown’ remains exactly that.

There have been rumors of small quantities of Valkyrie material being recovered from these sites, indicating the Valkyrie may be responsible. On the other hand, we don’t really know.

It’s worth noting that one doesn’t necessarily need to be more powerful than the Drifters to fight them. We engage them without loss using Confessors quite regularly, after all.

It may be that someone is using a tactic the Drifters simply hadn’t encountered before, and were not ready to face.

(Woodrow Ormand) #76

It’s quite possibly the guristas. I’ve heard troubling reports of them gearing up for something big. The valkyrie are evidence enough for that.

(Tyrukko Sakala) #77

Pointing fingers, eh? You know that’s an easy way to lose one.

(Jaret Victorian) #78

Evening, Capsuleers!

Pleased to update you on the project. We’ve successfully negotiated and anchored the Burreau Memorial Laboratory in Eram. We are currently finishing the staff routing and onlining the infrastructure. You are welcome to come and personally take a stroll on Observation Deck and take a look for yourself! As with all ARC research platforms, the structure is available for use in reverse engineering advanced technology salvage.

That said, please note that certain specialized sections of the laboratory are secured zones. To preserve quarantine, these will be closed for visits until we can assure the safety of visitors.

(Makoto Priano) #79

Good evening, pilots!

As Victorian-haan indicates, we have onlined research infrastructure in Eram. Negotiations are underway with Eifyr & Co. to finish work on their accelerator gate, but, well, you know how those things go.

In the meantime, I would like to thank again our various generous donors, to whom there have been a number of additions. You’ll find an updated list in the initial post.

Additionally, I would like to note that our bounty has been adjusted to 12.5m per. As you can understand, enthusiasm has been high, and we’ve already surpassed four thousand samples of corrupted trinary data. With an unknown number of enclaves still to be raided, and ARC operations in Drifter Hives continuing to need funding, we are taking an increasingly conservative stance to our bounties.

It is my hope that we’ll continue to make it worthwhile to pilots to sell their trinary salvage to ARC, as compared to the alternative.

With thanks,
Makoto Priano
Coordination Group, Arataka Research Consortium

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #80

Along with that, it’s got some scenic views of Eram’s sun, as well as both Site One and the aftercloud of Caroline’s Star - quite a fitting environment :wink:

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #81

I’ve heard word from an associate of communications from a number of Valkyrie contacts - recently there’s been a lot of chatter about some new Drifter Outpost, much smaller than the Hives we’ve been exploring. He can’t reveal its location, however, since the Valkyrie pilots can’t determine its position themselves. The carrier brings pilots there - all they can do is explore the area.

The only thing that’s certain is that the system is in the vicinity of a black hole, meaning it’s likely in Anoikis (the visible nebulae are completely different from the area near Ginnungagap), but it’s assuredly not one of the Drifter-controlled systems we’ve entered so far.

Mind, the reason I’m posting this here is that there have also been talks of the Quartermaster enlisting Valkyrie pilots to collect what seem to be Trinary relics in specific areas - including this new outpost - with a high concentration as well & with groups fighting against each other for the spoils.