Are all the capsuleers on IGS racist?

You know, I’ve really been thinking about things I notice while going about my daily life but can’t procure statistical data to support.

At the cafe in my hometown (yes, we only have one), there are three queues staffed by baristas. Now that I think about it, I realize that I tend to go to the light-skinned baristas more than I do the dark-skinned one.

(Due to the way skin color is expressed in my clan, there’s only one dark-skinned barista, and she doesn’t work there every day, but this fact doesn’t support my point, so let’s ignore it.)

This really bothers me, and it makes me wonder whether there’s something not quite right.

(I’m mostly thinking of my visits to the cafe this week, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that I’ve visited the cafe thousands of times. The visits beyond this week are statistically relevant, but I don’t care to retrieve this data to truly test my hypothesis, so we’ll dispense with this data as well.)

Moreover, I noticed something else, another disturbing trend. Out of all the men I’ve slept with, 67% of them have been light- or fair-skinned. But as for the women I’ve slept with, I believe 86.7% of them were dark-skinned.

What could this mean?!

(Of course, the number of men I’ve ■■■■■■ is significantly smaller than the number of women I’ve ■■■■■■, which is probably also relevant, but sample sizes don’t matter, so we can ignore that fact too.)

Therefore, given all of this observed but hardly replicable or statistically solid data, I have come to a conclusion, and I must ask: Based on these things I’ve noticed about myself, are all of us racist?

By the way, you can provide fact-based arguments disproving the accuracy of my data, but I’ve already decided that I’m right, so I won’t listen to you.


The tone of skin has absolutely NO correlation with any race whatsoever.
Your data may be accurate, but it is absolutely IRRELEVANT to any race-related question in New Eden.


Probably a little bit honestly. This isn’t exactly a great explaination but, as a baby did you view people who don’t look like you as your mother/father? It seems to be human nature to gravitate towards those who you feel are similar to yourself. Never actually talk to the person? Looks are all you have to go by. I’m not excusing the trappings that I think all of us subconsciously fall into in some way shape or form but at the same time people strive to surround themselves with the familiar. It’s not wrong to look for the familiar, it’s only wrong when you avoid trying to find the bridges that connect.


Having a personal preference doesn’t automatically imply a prejudice.

That being said, I find the whole concept of race a kinda laughable concept for capsuleers to be so obsessed with. Since we barely even qualify as human anymore, and the lines we draw amongst ourselves, our only real peers, doesn’t have much to do with anything the baseliners would recognize or relate to.

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Who cares about skin color or race? I only care about what people do.

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That you’re overthinking things.

We all do that though.


Well, there are a lot of arguments about races. Even in our State people of different races are usually prevented from intermarrying to keep their purity.

But skin color? That’s just stupidity. I heard some gallenteans even make them pink or green skin. Though, yea, that already goes towards gallentean degree of perversions and in some places it can be oulawed probably (hopefully). But speaking about natural skin color - it pretty much depends on lifestyle with no connection to race whatsoever and having any care about tone of skin is straightforward dumb, while attempts to attach it to races are simply ignorant.


Ye, I think when we speak about races, we more think about their culture than how they actually look like.

I guess, if we think about it culturally… Can’t say I like any other cultures except my own. But that’s a given, because that’s what I grew up with.
And when I say “I don’t like” it means “It’s not something I would get into, but I don’t discriminate you because of it… Unless your culture makes you into a lazy, boring slaver.”

Culture will be more like nationality than race. For example, Caldari is a nationality, because we have almost uniform culture, though it varies a bit from corporation to corporation, and yet we consist of three major races.

While race is a group of people with similar genotype. It can be expressed phenotypically in forms of eyes, skullbones… well, sometimes it might be indeed a bit difficult to distinguish races phenotypically, sometimes easy, and usually representetive of a race can easy say if other person is “theirs” or no. But if you need to be sure, you look up for certain “markers” in the genome, which will give you accurate and scientific reply on which race do you belong to. If you take blood test in corporate marriage agency, they will quickly say who you are, Civire, Deteis, Intaki, or whatever and whom you are allowed to marry. As for exact what are these markers are, you’d better ask professional scientists who do eugenics.

Skin tone is purely phenotypical property, the gene that encodes the pigment is the same for all the races, and while some people claim that certain bloodlines might have generally darker or lighter skin it could simply refer to their predominant lifestyle rather than their genotype, since there are dark and light skinned people basically among every race of New Eden. With that sort of distribution all attempts at making correlations between race and tone of skin lie within the margin of error.

And speaking about discrimination… and, well… considering that the original poster was referring to racism, but was bringing exclusively err… skin tone information?.. well, in your case it will be, I don’t know… culturalism? Nationalism? Probably, nationalism will fit that when you discriminate others because of the culture.

And for skin tone, as the author was referring… well, it is 200% not racism, and can’t be nationalism either. So what is it?.. Colorism? Tannism? Pigmentism? Or, what else -ism it could be? Maybe simple Idi… :thinking: I think I am overthinking and shall stop here.


You are missing out, my dear. Brutor men are supposedly well equipped :wink:


I’m just astounded that Melisma kept percentages.

(This was pretty good satire, by the way. I liked it.)


You and Dr. V get gold stars today.

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Working out the numbers that could lead to those exact fractions was a fun exercise.

That was easy to determine.
She has slept with 100 men, 67 of them were light-skinned.
And she has slept with 1000 women, of whom 867 were dark-skinned.



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Actually it was 1,000 and 10,000, but your logic is respectable.


Genuine question:

How do you find the time?


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It would be quite the aerobic program.

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How else do you think I keep my svelte figure?