Are all the major empires racist?

The Amarr Empire is racist. Openly and proudly. The Empire believes that some bloodlines are superior to others, as dictated by their actions and the approval of God. Your bloodline doesn’t shackle you though, you can raise above it through generations of piety and sacrifice. The Empire is build upon this principle and many people revile the Empire because of this.

But during my travels around New Eden I learned that the other major powers are just as racist. Covertly racist perhaps, but still racist. How did I learn that?

1. The four Empires only sponsor capsuleers from their preferred racial bloodlines.
Of course there are no Achura sponsored by the Amarr Empire, but why does the Republic not sponsor a few? Why does the Federation not give any Civre brought up there a chance to become a capsuleer?

2. All major organizations are racially 'pure’
Have you ever talked to any of the agents of organizations in Republic space? Ever seen a Ni-Kunni among them, or perhaps a person of Intaki descent? They might be there, perhaps in lower positions, but all the top positions are taken by ‘racially pure’ Matari. I have seen and spoken to thousands of them, but have never seen anything but the maintenance of strict racial purity.

In a meritocracy (where your ability determines your position) one would expect that at least some people of another lineage attain a position of importance in a Caldari, Gallente or Minmatar organization. But since they don’t, I must conclude that the major powers are all racist.

As said, I do not object to that in principle. I do object that people who support racist organizations call out the Amarr Empire as racist. That is hypocrisy.

Perhaps I am mistaken, has anyone seen differently?

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Racism implies hostile actions against other people, for example, when Gallente torture PoWs just because they’re Caldari. Or when Minmatars want to murder every Amarr just because they’re “slavers”, disregarding if they have any slave-related business or no. That’s racism.

But preventing suspicious personalities access from such technology like hydrostatic capsule?.. That’s not racism, that’s healthy xenophobia!

Knowing that Gallentes are racists, who were proclaiming to “Exterminate all Caldari” just ten years ago, were ramming our stations with Nyxes and doing other destructive racist crap against our people… tell me if you’d be Caldari, would you ever allow a gallente swine to a capsule?

That’s healthy to ban them!

Even Hyasyoda - one (and probably the most important) of our liberal corporations - adheres to the old saying: “Only the paranoid survive.”

There are 1,315 Capsuleer-facing Mission Agents employed by the various moving parts of the Minmatar Republic. That number rises to 1,475 when the Mission Agents of Thukker Tribe are included.

1500 people. Out of a population of trillions.

The other major empires follow similar numerical sizes:
Amarr: 2,257 (+84 Khanid, +94 Ammatar)
Gallente: 2.265
Caldari: 3.025

This means a total number of 9200 Mission Agents employed by the major empires. 9200 would be 0.00000092% of one trillion people.

I submit that your sample sizes are too small to draw any meaningful statistical data regarding population distribution.

Further… I just tried to pull up the biographical data on a mission agent at random. It’s not available. So, can you tell a Khanid from a Vherokior from an Achuran at a glance?

Which is this?


Next time offer a portrait with a triglavian mask to make it easier to guess. :roll_eyes:

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It’s a trick question anyway: she’s Civire.


I think you might want to send a complaint to the school where you received your education with regards to statistics. I’ll explain:

If 10% of the Republic is not racially Matari and assuming odds to become an agent are not racially influenced, the chance of 10 agents having no non-Matari bloodline among them is (0.9)10 = 34%.

However, the chance that 1315 agents have no non-Matari bloodline among them is (0.9)1315 = … so infinitestimally small that the odds that Vaari will humbly declare his allegiance to the Republic right after this post is huge in comparison.

Because race is very important in Amarr society, we have become quite adept at recognizing such at a glance. But as I said, I might be mistaken. If someone has proof that says otherwise, I’m open to hear it.

isn’t the ammatar mandate “technically” considered to be part of the empire?

Yes, it is part of the Ardishapur demesne.


since thats the case, and since the mandate is made up almost entirely of matari, one could argue that the empire is possibly the least racist of the major powers. drawing their lines on a theological basis rather than a racial one. Granted that theology does place true amarr in a position above others, but that sort of hierarchy is hardly unique to them.

They are however, at least to my knowledge, the only major power to not only incorporate a large population of non-ethnic members, but to even grant them a degree of independent rule within the mandate.

Even along the political and theological lines, they seem to have a greater degree of acceptance than most. The khanid kingdoms, while theologically and politically divergent, enough to not be part of the main empire, are not cast out to the outer reaches of null-sec, and if i’m remembering right, are even allowed to take part in the succession trials.

The closest parallel to that I can think of would be the gallente and the intaki syndicate, to my knowledge no attempts have ever seriously been made to re-incorporate that diasphora, and they are treated little better than as a renegade faction.

Important, yet volatile discussions such as this one should always start with a definition and acceptance of terms. What would you define racism to be?

This may and likely does seem implicitly obvious to you since you didn’t define it outright, but it means different things in different cultures, or even just person to person.

Melisma and I, for example, got into a heated fight about that same concept that I think may have been avoided if we had laid out what we think when we hear the term.


People tend to support other that they consider part of their group, be it ethnicity in this case… and why would we Gallenteans for example resign from increasing the level of our influence/power.

Birds of a feather flock together

Oh, no, there’s absolutely a racial basis. Just True Amarr and Amarrian lords like to twist the faith to justify it. It is a systemic problem that leads to a lot of hypocrisy.

That’s not to say the other nations don’t have their own issues, but that doesn’t excuse Amarr’s problems.

The Federation is primarily composed of non-ethnic members, it’s a union of multiple smaller nations. Most Gallente member states are made up of primarily local ethnicities.

One, the Khanid King, and most of the lords of the Kingdom, are True Amarr, not Khanid. The Khanid Kingdom is not some ‘ethnic Khanid state’. Two, the recent “acceptance” is a very new state of affairs, after centuries of conflict, hot and cold wars and the expulsion of Kingdom houses from the Book of Records. They are part of the Empire now, but it has nothing to do with racial issues of any sort. It’s about economic and political ones. And, frankly, that decision was a betrayal of our faith.

And you’ll miss the point. With a sample size that small, you can’t really draw a meaningful comparison. 10% of the Republic? Where do you get that number? I’d be shocked if there are 3 billion non-ethnic Matari in the Republic, let alone more than 300 billion.

You’re looking for signs of a population that is less than 0.1% of the population. So, statistically, there should be 1.5. But at that small a sample size, ‘0’ (or even 0.75 for someone who’s 1/4 Matari) isn’t even a full standard deviation. It’s not even statistical noise.

And that’s before we include things like ‘these are agents of Republic Corporations’. Why does that matter?

Because then the issue of self-selection of employees comes into play. Do non-Matari seek employment with major Republic Corporations (as opposed to running their own business, being employed by the corporate structures of their own homelands while living in the Republic, etc etc) at the same rate as Matari residents? If not, that’s going to skew your results.

Do you have that data?

And before you go asking if I have that data: You are making a claim. Making this claim requires supporting data. I am saying that we don’t have enough data to make a claim one way or the other. Not having the data supports my position, because my position is that we’d need more data.

Except, again, you’re the one making the claim. Show your actual evidence, not just your unsubstantiated guesses.


There’s actually around three trillion, going by census reports. Compared to six and a half trillion Minmatar.

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I’m not racist, I’m just protective of my culture and ethnic identity.


I have no data on this. However, even with a 1% etnic to non-ethnic proportions, odds are lower than a bar of gold suddenly assembling itself out of atoms next to you.

What I can’t tell on the basis of the data, is if this bias is true for the entire population. But the (statistically significant) bias is definitely there for capsuleers and agents interacting with them.

My question (and title of this topic) was, is the fact that there is a skewed proportion of etnicity indicative of a larger trend in the four empires or is it an oddity? That is the question I would like you (or others) to give their opinions on.

Possibly, that is why I am asking for more sources and opinions. I have certainly sought employment with major Republic Corporations in the past and as far as I can see, many other non-ethnic capsuleers have.

The claim is that the skewed distribution of 100% ethnic agents and capsuleers sponsored in the four Empires is not coincidence but racist.

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