Arecibo is down

I guess ya’ll have seen or heard about this already, this will not be an easy fix…


They’re better off building a new one.

Yeah, I heard that they had planned to tear it down even before the center array thingy came crashing down.

Anyway, sci show news has a video where they talk about how it worked, and some of the discoveries made with it.


Rip the only way to communicate with aliens halfway to the center of the galaxy.

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Oh man…

Well, I look forward to seeing what will be built there to also contribute greatly to science.

…and Scott Manley videos are nice…

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Very sad news. On a bunch of level this was a very special radio telescope, aside of the fact that it was part of the SETI programme and also featured in the movie ‘Contact’.

I think @Red-Sonja is almost certainly correct in saying that it’d be better to build a new one, although It’d be nice if there was a way of building a new radio telescope, in the style of the old one, but with the vastly improved technology and build methods that have come into existence since it was built (1963 - it was 58 years old -

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As Scoot manley said, they don’t receive as much funding. And with other stuff around i don’t think the’ll prioritize Arecibo 2.0, just the clean up will take a long time…

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