Armarr bad for PVE?


Any better? :wink:


Your right, I know. Still… :pleading_face:

buffer tanked fleet harbinger does L3 missions just fine… in minmatar space (i.e. vs angels)
Usually I didn’t even drop to armor…

Actually you don’t have to decline them. Just make sure you don’t do anti-empire missions vs two allied factions (e.g. caldari and amarr). You can improve standings quickly by doing high level missions with allied faction - when standings are low derived standings changes make short work of fixing them.

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Although I’m probably very biased, I’m gonna suggest the Abaddon as I exclusively fly it and I love it to pieces. I’m not sure what your clone state is but my fit is aimed for alpha’s and puts the majority of power in tank since that isn’t omega locked. It’s a very active playstyle requiring you to monitor your modules and how much cap they are using as well as constantly switching out crystals/scripts and managing drones. If you know how to overheat well you can get a ton of value out of heating your repairers too. She may not be the fastest clearing, and your isk/hour will definitely take a hit simply by virtue of the cost to fly her, but she’s safe, reliable, and a hell of a lot of fun.


You can wipe out small stuff when they burn in your direction with sentry drones. So the rattlesnake is way superior in tank /dps as long y have the skills.

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You talking about a t2 cruiser? How the hell they are faster to train than a bs?


Not always true. Can’t find where, but I made the table of the tracking required to make 40% of your DPS on the whole frigs and destroyers rats of the game, according to the distance, assuming they rush you. in many cases, it’s way above the sentry tracking, even at 80 km.

Well I say it for experience, I warp to 50 km from anom, lock frigs, and they start mwd towards me. The sentries make short work of them barely missing one shot or two. Did you took the low angular on their trajectory and increase in signature caused by mwd? I can take them down easily from 50 to 30 km. Below that I need to deploy light drones.

Yes I took their orbit radius to make their angular speed, and the MWD has no effect since it increases the speed as much as the sig for rats.
Now maybe the anom rats are specifically easier to track, because low orbit, high sig, or small speed.

here it is

After looking at the skill tree, your probably right. I’m not sure if the time to train from cruisers to bc to bs/medium to lg weps is longer than the lvl 4/5 engineering skills to fly a hac.

let’s look at cerberus :

  • cald cruiser V : 1M280 SP
  • energy grid upgrades : 512k
  • cap management IV : 768k
  • weap upgrades V : 512k
  • spaceship command V : 256k
    total : 3M3 SP

large hybrid turret :

  • gunnery V : 256k
  • medium hybrid III : 100k? even less, 135k is fo IV
    total : less than 330k.

It’s like ten times less .

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Yeah, that’s the same number I came up with when I dusted off an old alpha toon. It didn’t seem that bad at the time. The marauder was 20X. Sorry for the mis-info.

Heh, if you’re not declining them, how are you not doing them when they’re offered? Just sitting around and waiting for the offer to expire? It’d be faster (and more fun) to simply decline them :slight_smile:


I get it was a bit sarcastic.
My point was that if you tanked your standings with, say, gallente and amarr, you can easily recover standings - for amarr just do storylines for caldari, and for gallente do storylines for minmatar. (thanks to derived standings)
If you tank both amarr and caldari… well, there is always The Plan if you have not already used it, but other than that you will have long grind ahead of you.

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Declining missions too often will tank your faction standings all by itself.

nah, it’s 0.01 loss per mission declined.

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Prophecy is fun to fly in lvl3’s, slap HML’s on it and you have complete choice of damage type. It comes with an impressive drone bay and a bandwidth for 3 sentries ! That boat is one bit of fun, although it flies like a brick. Too light for lvl4s though, but who wants to be flying the same boat all the time, right ?

For level 4s, I can still use my old apoc t2 pulse fit, adjusting hardeners per mission. Yes, the golden banana is still more fun to fly than the usual Rattlesnake, if you fit it with a decent prop mod. It will require cap charges and paste for the ancillary repper though, reason I don’t use it that often.
Haven’t used the Armageddon since it was bonus’d to be a half-assed bhaalgorn.
Tried out the Paladin on the test server, sure it works, but it’s dull “flying”, actually it’s sitting still in space, and it remains on the nice-to-have list, not the priority list.
Just for Shits&Giggles, dumping an assault frig or an interceptor in the new frigate bay to eliminate pesky drones or other fast moving close range stuff, haven’t tried it but will at some point.

Just saying, Amarr ships are not The max for pve’ing, and like other posters said, fititng them can be a bit of an experience in itself, but they are very good fun to fly if you combine fitting skills with piloting skills. Want to max out lvl4s ? Rattlesnake of course. Max out fun ? Anything else.

P.S. If missions allowed you to warp in at 150km, then of course you would use an Oracle with t2 tachyons. Maybe it’s good that missions don’t allow you to do it…

rattlesnake is maxing out boredness, not L4 -.-

warp 50, MJD off.

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I’ve spent most of my PvE time in Amarrian ships.
They do work well in Amarr space - the opponents you face, Blooders especially, are weak to EM/Thermal so damage locking isn’t a headache there. Take drones of a different damage the type to augment the energy turrets and they’ll help. But it’s not critical.
Smash them in the face hard enough and you’ll kill 'em. It’s an Amarrian approach and generally works well enough. “I will personally move you closer to God”.

Armour Tanking is OK for missions - get the resists up nicely. An armour rep. is more cap efficient than a shield booster, but be aware it lands at the end of the cycle so think ahead.

Capacitor skills are important. Crystal selection helps. Standard has the lowest capacitor usage - a good fallback if under capacitor pressure. The best way of reducing repairer capacitor use is, however, kill the the blighters that are causing damage. Make the problem go away.
Watch out for range. You may be used to fighting in fall-off. Don’t. Really don’t. Energy turret fall-off is sharp, don’t go beyond optimal. Changing crystals for range is almost instant. Get used to it.

Harbinger for Level 3 works well, Apocalypse for Level 4. The only issue is when facing an opponent with tracking disruption using an Apoc can feel like having a billhook on a knife fight. As you have to close range.

Yes, you can use Prophecies and Armageddons but that feels like twisting Amarrian ships to be like those of other races. Energy turrets have problems, but the have advantages (ammunition and range switching).

Give it a go.
The critical lesson is “different Empire’s ships feel different to fly” if you are not used to them then it can feel odd to swap racial design to start with.

Oh, and the Tachyon Nightmare is great unless you get TD’d. When you will enthusiastically play “murder the TD’er by any means possible”…


totally agree :grin:

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