Arrests of Mikramurka Defense Officials

You’re the chief fabricator in this thread, so I guess you should know.

Pretty sure folks were saying that about Midular leaving office back in the day. And yet.

Because it can happen. Who here really knows that it can’t? And is having a pretty strong sense that it can’t any reason to not work toward it?

And some dumbasses gave me direct control of a fleet of fitted ships. Wat do?

Someone here stood up and challenged another prominent asshole, and indeed, her cousins got blackbagged and worse. I’m sure it was, and still is, painful as ■■■■. I live next door. I cleaned up Deathglow shells off of the beach. I can’t imagine what it was like for her. And yet Else hasn’t stopped using her voice to decry corruption.

Since when is fear a valid reason to not tear down what it is that threatens us?

Hi @Kril_Efrit. How you livin’?

One time, someone told me that the destruction of Starkman Prime was the result of a Sebiestor plot to get rid of the Starkmanir Tribe, since we were the historical leaders of the Minamtar Tribes, being the largest and most revered until the murder of our world.

This is absolutely ludicrous.

I think it belongs in this thread with all the other insanity.


So you use my counter-tinfoil, trying to show you what you sound like, against me now that it suits you? Figures. Guess I’ll recommend for my clan to pull out from supporting your inquiries and spearhead our own, looks like thinking you were a reasonable person was a mistake.

You haven’t given any tinfoil. In fact, you haven’t offered anything to this thread aside from calling the rest of us stupid.

If you’d clicked the link, you’d see that it leads to the post where you accused me of not offering an actual “warning” about the power-consolidation issue, which I then disproved.

You edited this in while I was writing this reply. Maybe you thought I’d hit the reply button too fast and not see it, which would make me agree through abstention?

The problem isn’t that I’m not reasonable. The problem is that you no longer agree with me.

The inquiry is already underway. Where do you think the arrests came from? But if your clan wants to spearhead inquiries against something that’s already in progress, then be my guest, and look like an idiot at your own risk.

Bear in mind, though, that even though I wrote the text of the petition, the petition itself is a product of my entire clan. When you withdraw, you position yourself not just opposite me, but also opposite my chief, my corporation, and every single Rami. Make sure your chief considers the ramifications of that, since you clearly haven’t.

What in the actual ■■■■ are you smoking? The link leads to your inquiry, which again, if it does warn about consolidation of power, does it in such a roundabout way that I can’t see it.

Sometimes people get ideas later on and I didn’t think it needed a separate post? I’m not a vindictive conniving witch like you, so no, no ulterior motive, sorry.

Not necessarily from your inquiry but standard investigation.

I said I’d recommend, not that I can decide something like that myself. Also, now you’re threatening me and my clan, my family? You will regret locking horns with me, if you actually decide to act upon your threats.

Oh, look! Ice cream and booze! Just the thing for everyone to stuff their mouths full and calm down with!

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No wonder you’re opposing Shakor.

Does it though?

Would you look at that! The link goes directly to post #11 in this thread!

Not even the worst thing I’ve been called today, but nice try!

An investigation which came about due to the publicity that the petition generated.

I’m shaking in my alpaca slippers. Honest I am.

Sera, darling, I’ve opposed Shakor since the moment he took office. So has my clan. And before that, we opposed Midular, quite controversially, considering that we’re Sebiestor.

Tanoo is just a recent development.

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Looks like that supposed Krusual plot to destroy the Sebiestor Tribe is going splendidly, if this hot mess of a thread is any indication.


Families squabble, dear. No matter how extended. Teiny’s like the adopted half-sister, at this point.

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And the link in that post from you, that I thought you were referring to links to your inquiry. I’m clearly not seeing in my post what you think I’m supposed to be seeing.

Believe it or not, things happen in this universe, even without or despite our meddlings.

Glad you think it’s funny to threaten people and their social circles. I’m just saying, if you start ■■■■ with my clan, you will have your secret war, and I’m fairly confident on whose Clan will be living on the streets by the end of this year. Hint: It’s not mine.

Can we please, pretty please stop threatening each other?


I dunno, can we? I’m just making sure they understand that if they do start to tango with me, there will be consequences. Nothing so barbaric as to physically harm them, just punching them where everyone hurts - their wallet.

Probably the most disturbing thing about this conversation is the Matari making “financial” threats against each other !?! Have we truly lost our way?

Do we have to wait for another attack by the Amarr before we remember who the true enemy is? Before they do(which they will) we should put aside our politicking and focus our collecting might on destroying the zealots and freeing the “Forgotten?” slaves within the Empire! 7 Tribes one true goal…


I know who the true enemy is. But Sebiestor here seem to be more interested in making new ones between the Tribes and clans. Nothing but threats and belligerence from them thus far.

Perhaps we are not your enemies either.

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Yes you are.

Even you don’t believe this.

Tend to your own house first, moron.


Perhaps some of you aren’t. The empire as a whole is, they seek for us nothing but harm at the worst, collapse at best.

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Oh please. Not like even you can believe that.

Oh you definetly are my enemy. I remember your false offerings of peace very well.