As Executive Producer of Eve Online, I swear my Undying Loyalty

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As Executive Producer of Eve Online, I swear my Undying Loyalty

A Loyal Oath to the New Eden Capsuleer Pledge and New Player Experience

Make Eve Online Great Again!!!

Promised Changes and Focus:

  • BRING BACK OUR HOLY JUKEBOX!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (See image at very bottom of this post)
  • Get rid of Stupid Game Launcher, and bring back our Glorious, Full Window Login Screen by Default (See images at bottom of this post)
  • Being a Team Player and Motivator, Raising Morale at the CCP office, especially for our Boy and Good Lad, CCP Guard!
  • Fight Inflation and Lower Isk Faucets
  • Overhaul Contract and Public Courier Contract System
  • Focus on New Player Experience, through realistic expectations and honesty
  • No more CRAP bull!!%!% marketing videos that create unrealistic expectations and false marketing. Such as weird intense Star Wars-esque Dynamic battles of Military Commands and Voice Comms, but actually showing that real huge battles are blob vs blob and Tidi
  • Lowering of Eve Online subscription Fee. The Account Upgrade Subscription Fee needs to be a Dynamic changing amount that fluctuates to match real life supply and demand; not being as it is now of a stagnant unchanging vehicle.
  • Focus on Player Recruitment and Retention, More people to play with and more targets = More Fun!
  • Focus on the Economy and flow of goods and services in New Eden. It is the life blood and better trade and Commerce leads to more fighting!
  • Fire CCP Fozzie and an END to Fozzie Sov :face_vomiting:
  • Fire CCP Falcon :kissing_heart:
  • Fire CCP Mintchip :money_mouth_face:

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But I like that guy :confused:

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First thing i gotta read on this forums? Think thats enough for this week official forums.

OP: Just no to every single word you wrote.

(Makshima Shogo) #5

Read’s this far closes thread

P.S. Log in during down time to receive full screen login screens.
And CCP Falcon Rocks :metal:

(Dyver Phycad) #6

Agreed on that. Any of the released player-centric trailers showed nothing but a distorted, falsely portrayed EVE. All the other lore and fiction centric were better by huge margins in showing an awesome EVE. All the latest trailers are nothing but deceptions.

On ice, yes, if you look at his tweets about his affection for alcoholic beverages.

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I agree with half the changes. The other half only show off your ignorance and stupidity.

(Vortexo VonBrenner) #8

Uh-oh…OP’s been nipping at the cooking sherry again…

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I strongly disagree on lowering the subscription price. Yes at release (15 years ago!) it was considered high. But now? With it costing roughly 11 euro’s/month (year subscription)? Pretty cheap for a hobby imo.
So no, I like the current price & funnily, with all the ‘free to play’ MMO’s around, EvE is among the cheaper ones to play if you like access to all the content, even with the subscription model.

The rest of the opening post contains some questionable points as well, but I leave that for the others to pick on.

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lol to get rid of inflation it takes more than lowering faucets, youd have to delete full on assests to remove isk from circulation. In the real world when money is made, money is also destroyed, we have people burning currency while we print new currency.

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As far as Impersonation goes, this was a terrible attempt. Closed.