As I predicted, death by SWATting

And to think, when we debated this on the old(er) forums, there was people of the “goon persuasion” who disagreed with my assertion that swatting was a form of attempted murder.

Hopefully the “run to mommy” gamma male who did this is charged with murder. We have been in need of an example for a long time. May he hang in public. His excuse was so lame I got soy-breasts from reading it.

The victim was not even a gamer.


Oh I remember that thread,
We essentially discussed the nuances of how sending a heavily armed gang of men barreling down upon an unsuspecting home,
wasn’t in fact a very nice thing to do.

As I said then, its a pretty horrific thing to do, particularly in a part of the world where cops are actually likely to need to use their weapons .


Obviously he hadn’t trained “Staying alive against the police” to V. It should be a mandatory matter in schools, since being innocent and unarmed (and caucasian) obviously is no defense against armed policemen.

I’m so effin’ happy to NOT live in the USA…




I have been a firearms instructor in plurality of disciplines for nearly 20 years and have for the last 13 did everything I could to work against the “killbot training” that cops get. This would alsd o be called Operant Conditioning and I used to mistakenly say “What’s good for soldiers is not good for cops” until a friend who worked military PTSD cases told me it messes up soldiers too.

This case is going to be fun. A cop did screw up. But the defense of the swatter will be based on that. So finally, in my best of hopes, we are going to shed light on the problem of poor police training. SWATting would not be a thing if it did not so automatically mean a military response. I have seen cops scream at paper targets “get down get down get down!!!” then Bill drill the target. Uh. what does an unsuspecting person do when some goon is pointing a gun at him and screaming? He freezes. Just like a paper target. I try to explain this to the BLM folks and I get death threats. (ho hum - get in line) so this will continue until adults show up.


That’s the problem. You can see how the victim probably was trying to shade his eyes from the lights pointing at him. And then Mr. Robot Cop was triggered by “raises his hand => haves a gun => FIRE!”. He screwed up in the way he had been trained to. And we know that if he had shout “weapon!”, the victim would have been pinned to the wall with bullets.

It’s a case of insanity biting its own tail. As citizens can’t accept the death of military and policemen (the public outrage!), you end up with military and policemen murdering citizens (not as much outrage).

Because you know that the moment one Police Department stops using this training and a single officer gets shot for not being a robot, everybody will jump on the wagon and ask for the head of everyone involved in that decission. Whereas it is less likely that the police murder policy causes such an outrage because all in all, “the victim should have not…”.

As I said, I am so effin happy to NOT live in the USA.

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