Ashterothi's Complete Guide to the Interstellar Convergence - EVE Online x Doctor Who Event


Shouldn’t one watch and listen to every episode and radio broadcast of Dr. Who first, then proceed to watch the tutorial?

Backstory is really important stuff.

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lol it’s taken me the best part of a decade and I have seen only 35 seasons…

I’m not watching 2h … TL;DW? :slight_smile:

That is why I put in timestamps so you can find the part you are interested in.

My strategy was to put in as much information as I could for newer players and then put in clear timestamps for people who want to skip through.


Top, thanks, see it now!

“Doobly-doo,” possibly a Matt Colville viewer?

Appreciate your time and effort here. Since I don’t explore much this might be good practice.

The video is great.

Actually it originates from Nerdfighters, the fans of Hank and John Green.

John Green wrote “A Fault in Our Stars” and Hank does a lot of things including creating Vidcon.

All that said, yes I am also a Matt Colville fan.


Thanks for putting this together @Ashterothi o7

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