Asset Safety Cargo Wraps

The Asset Safety Cargo Wrap would be a cargo can that would provide more protection to cargo than a normal cargo can would.

Capacity - 500 m3
Volume - 435 m3 ( 44 m3 Packaged)
Structure Hitpoints - 2,000,000 HP

Cost : 3 mil ISK
Can be insured up to 15% of the total value of the cargo contained within the wrap. Once the Asset Warp has been hacked successfully, the original owner would receive a payout. For example if the Asset Wrap was hacked and it contained 100 million in loot, then original owner would receive a 15 million isk payout. If the hack is unsuccessful then the original owner does not get any insurance payout.
Each race would have its own race specific Cargo Wrap that could only hacked in a Low Sector NPC station of the specific race.
Ten Asset Safety Cargo Wrap hack stations per race would be distributed across Low Sector that would also randomly change stations and regions. (It could be possible to have five hack stations in one system at one time but never more than five.)

-The Wrap could not be flipped while in space.

  • Can be scooped by anyone.
  • Scoopers not in the same fleet or corporation of the Wrap owner would gain a Criminal Suspect Flag for 15 minutes.
  • Owner of the Wrap also receives an e-mail alerting them to who scooped their Asset Cargo Wrap
    and where the Asset Wrap is being taken too which can be tracked using the map,
    regardless of who the Scooper is.
  • Could be reprocessed to retrieve up to 15% of the total volume of items within the Asset Wrap 10 mil ISK base fee.
  • Could be hacked in Low Sec stations only - 20 mil ISK base fee.

Hacking - When hacking takes place the hacker will have to play a hacking Mini-Game based off of the same mechanics as the Relic and Data sites. The hacking game would always be the same difficulty as a Red Core Relic or Data site.

If a successful hack takes place then the hacker would retrieve all of the items in the Wrap and gain a 15 minute Criminal Suspect timer and would not be able to use any station or gate for five minutes once they left the station where the hack took place.

If the hacking is unsuccessful then the new owner gains a 15 minute Criminal Suspect timer, is undocked from the station after one minute and is unable to use a cloak, any other station or gate for ten minutes.

What if you double or triple asset safety cargo wrap, sounds very abusable…

Can you summarize for us btw, what value can it add to gameplay or what problem can it solve.

Did you know, that the Sec in LowSec actually stands for Security and not for Sector? You did not, right? Well at least we learned something new here.

Did not read the whole idea, but it started out pretty awful :nauseated_face:


It only sounds awful because it adds more Risk to the ganking of ships by CODE. Because as we all know CODE doesn’t go into Low Sector.

Low Sector actually describes a region that contains Low Security orientated systems, so yes I am correct.

Sector - 1. an area or portion that is distinct from others.

Security - 1. the state of being free from danger or threat.

Its obvious that I am correct because High Sector is an area where ganking should not occur because its Security Status enables CONCORD to arrive and deal with ganking ships opposed to Low Sector where CONCORD does not arrive.

  1. Sec is short for security regarding eve solar systems…
  2. Concord doesn´t protect, it punishes criminals…

No, really, it’s actually High Security and Low Security space and not Low Sector and High Sector.

The idea is awful on its own and has nothing to do with where I practice my elite PvP skills.

There is a suspect timer (yellow) and there is a criminal timer (red). But there is no criminal suspect timer.


The item generates an isk faucet.

A player acquires 100% of the items and another player gains 15% of the asset value, minus whatever it cost for the insurance, which leaves us with two possible situations:

The insurance costs 14% or less of the item’s total worth, could be useful to the insurer and generates free isk for players who cooperate in willing theft or…

The insurance costs 15% or more of the asset value, in which case the insurance feature is useless next to the better option of just keeping your isk.

For the sake of the economy, an item of this sort should be an isk sink, I think. Some loss of value needs to occur.


For the sake of the economy, an item of this sort should be an isk sink, I think. Some loss of value needs to occur.

Maybe standings with the local NPC corporation when the Wrap is scooped. Make stealing a Wrap in High Sec similar to flying illegal drugs through High Sec.

The world doesn’t evolve around you, luckily for the rest of us.

This does not change the fact that:

HighSec = High Security

And not High Sector.

I’m just trying to help you here, like always. The idea is unsalvageble, so I thought I would start with something small.

I like when they write it with a typo like HiSex. :rofl: I myself made that type a few types. Always funny.

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