Audio Improvement / Item Name Relevance & Wormhole Gameplay

Dear CCP,

I’ve played Eve since 2004 and feel it is time to provide some feedback.

1} Daily Rewards

Drugs & boosters…i have absolutely no idea what these are, the names are irrelevant to purpose, alot of waffle in description…how about name them… I don’t know…Shield Booster or Gunnery Booster or Armor Booster…something that gives the player an idea what they are for.

2) Mouse Control When Targeting

When I am locking targets I find it infuriating that as the target locks I lose control of my mouse, If i’m locking multiple targets this can be a real pain in the a$$…

3) Switching Characters

I often switch between characters, alts etc but to do this I have to close Eve, log back on…do my task (i.e close wormhole) then log on another character…it’s so long winded…any possibility for quick switch?

4) Starbase POS & Battleship Frig Bay

Can we have an ‘Are You Sure’ button. I’m forever losing frigates/asteros/ventures etc when switching ships in SMA due to them mysteriously ending up inside a BS frigate bay.

5) Wormhole Information

Why should the Eve playerbase have to rely on a 3rd party website to identify the class of a wormhole and the static information? (

6) Sandbox But Not Really A Sandbox

Eve used to be proud of being a ‘Sandbox’ but it is clear CCP’s agenda is teamwork & fighting. They are trying EVERY trick in the book to make this happen but what is happening is having the opposite effect.

Capital ships…I last flew one years ago when carriers were in their original form, brilliant for what they were…and now it’s all overly-complicated and with cores that deem the ships too expensive to lose for many, different types of carriers…it’s all gotten silly as seems normal practice these days.

Provide the tools and let the players determine the universe. Or the CSM members who can influence the game for their own suits & purposes. Some people like to play in small groups or even alone…

7) New Warp Sounds

Great! But it sounds like my ship is falling to bits…surely the audio guys could do better?

8} Wormhole Sounds

Ever sat cloaked next to a wormhole watching for travellers? My god the ear peircing screeching noise becomes intolerable after about 2.4 seconds…where has the old relaxing chanting noises gone at least if a hole is going to make ambient noise let it be less damaging to the ear canals.

Brain unload 1.0 complete.

  1. Yeah, the names aren’t very helpful, and they could have put a breif drug description on the info page of all drugs.
  2. That sounds like a bug. You should file a bug report and/or support ticket.
  3. You can log out now. iirc, the button is at the bottom right of the escape menu.
  4. no comment
  5. Can you no longer tell where a wormhole leads by the visuals?
  6. Not sure how balancing capital ship prices and build complexity undermined the sandbox.
  7. I’ve heard others complain. I’ll have to take your word for it.
  8. I’ll take your word for it. Regardless, I suggest muting the sound if it bothers you so much. Don’t know what particular category it would fall under, but you should be able to turn it off without affecting any critical sounds such as alarms and the decloaking sound.

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