August 2018 Release - Known Issues


(Whitehound) #101

The problem of not being able to directly warp and dock in one go is still present.

When one selects Dock in the menu of a structure can the game sometime prompt one with the message for one to get closer. This happens even when the structure is several AU away, in which case they ship would normally warp to it before attempting to dock. Yet this continues to fail under certain conditions.

Here is a video, which shows the bug.

This was reported several times in the past, but I hope the video now provides a better understanding of the problem.

September 2018 Release - Known Issues
(CCP Falcon) #102

(Commander Aeris) #103

September release:

  • In-space sounds (engines, mining lasers, ship effects (shield hardners), etc.) have gone missing without alteration in pre- vs post-update settings. Restart did not fix the issue. Menu sounds and alerts continue to function normally.

Edit: your september release posts links to this issues page…

(Skully Vongogh) #104

It worked for by fitting the redeemed weapons into the redeemed frigate.

It might work for fitting any weapons.

(DrysonBennington) #105

While running an event site in Sasta a few moments ago a Hecate came into the site causing a momentary lag while I was hacking the event can. I was still able to click the nodes but without a result.

He left and a few second later things returned to normal. He then came back in after the event ship I had destroyed the Overmind ship and obviously looted it. The same thing with hacking the can happened. A little bit of lag then things returned to normal while still clicking on something without any result.

The issue is that if he flipped the can then why did he gain a suspect timer? He simply stayed the the orange color designated for a low level pirate. I didn’t think that he flipped the can because the cargo icon was still intact.

It wasn’t until after he had left did things return to normal and the cargo icon vanish. I didn’t get the chance to see the Hecate pilots name either.

Everything has been running smooth until all day long until the Hecate came into the site with me.

Here is the screenshot

(CCP Falcon) #106

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