August 2019 Release - General Feedback

Wild stuff. Yep, always be on the lookout for anchoring.

No new content what so ever. Only thing EVE got going right now is CCP Falcon telling people to f*** off back to high sec.

Our precious “community” manager. Jesus Christ…


I cannot help but agree 100% with this statement


Thanks to CCP Falcon et all turning local off in null I have rediscovered TV, reading and that other games are pretty good. My accounts are not renewing and I am saving money. Thank you for showing me that there are better things to do than play Eve.


Did this update break hidpi screen stuff? I’m now staring at extremely small everything on my 4k screen, where before eve played nice with the 150% scaling as configured in windows.

edit: it seems the “buy skill” button in skill training windows and requirement windows of modules also doesn’t work anymore. I now must drag the skill into the queue to be able to buy it

You are absolutely right.

‘Vitalshift EGO’ skins look neat and added to my plex discount day shopping list.

Apparently they do something “cool”, any idea?

Copying with formatting as standard is horrible IMO. There does not appear to be an option to set a shortcut to copy without. Please fix, change standard behaviour back to normal copy or allow defining shortcut.

лето тупых событий продолжается))))

ты что, это ж релиз новой системы копирования !!
Теперь все вернутся в игру, даже те, кто в нулях без локала !!

Slave change to Amulet sounds like a PA (make eve fluffy) influence.

Changed existing Slave to Amulet, because there is a NEW Slave set coming.

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Looks like you broke the Incursion spawn timer… again…

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Fix Incursion spawn, over 40 hours no spawn?

  • The right click menu to load charges into modules now has icons representing the top 2 damage types for each of the charges. The charges are also ordered by range (range + 1 falloff).
    Love it! :heart_eyes:
  • The order of the tabs in the Loyalty Point store has been changed so that the station owner’s standard LP store will be shown first.
    :dizzy: rushes to check the Interbus station

I just noticed: adding the damage type to different ammo in the HUD is great, but WHY did you have to remove the picture of the ammo??
I’ve had the colours memorized for ages now, so it’s really annoying and I can’t really see the reason for it…

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Copying text from a text field will now copy it with all formatting.

Can you revert this one, please? It has become very inconvenient to use with zkb/anoikis

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Thanks for the feedback, can you confirm what you mean about removing the picture of the ammunition? Are you referring to ammo listed in the right click menu on weapons?

Thanks for the feedback,

Could you give me a specific use case where this is causing issues?