August 2019 Release - General Feedback


  1. Checking people on zkillboard:
  • drag a name from local list into chat box, ctrl+a -> ctrl+x
  • Switch to browser, paste copied contents into search box
    Can be mitigated by pressing ctrl+c on selected items from local list, but it’s a new muscle memory alas vOv
  1. Checking wormhole systems with
  • drag a system name from the indicator on top left part into any chat, ctrl+a -> ctrl+x
  • Switch to browser etc

This one does not have an alternative path i believe? So now you have to type j number into the search by hand

Now regarding this line in patch notes:

Copying without formatting is possible through a right click menu when some text is selected.

It seems it does not work, or is inconsistent between elements.
For example, again, right click on system name in top left corner -> copy - results in html markup being copied as well.
Character name hyperlinks don’t have copy option in their right click menu at all.

To be honest i don’t quite understand what was the point of this change, since markup preservation seems to be only working when pasting copied content into notepad. If you try to copy and paste between chats, the markup is lost

Thanks for the examples, we’ll take a further look at this and discuss it internally.

The format copying also works for Corp Bulletins, MotDs, EVE Mails, etc. The only place that it doesn’t apply is chat.

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Ah i see, thanks for clarification

I think format preservation may be useful in some cases, but perhaps it shouldn’t override old behavior as default

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While we are talking formatting, it “would be nice if” the color picker mid-gray selection (found in eve-mail, notepad) was identical to the default text color. They are slightly different.

The friggin’ chat was the exact reason I was exited about this… (and I suspect most people)
It’s the ONE place you probable want to put a bunch of stuff quickly in different windows…

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Why would they include something useful tho? xD
Better fill the universe with 10k useless functions than a couple good ones. :smiley:
Also, o/

There’s a couple large overhauls coming in the near future, such as the implant system and resumed tiericide. Honestly I’m super happy with Community Fittings (as long as it’s used properly) along with a few of the other QoL changes in this one.

Not really. The coming shield equivalent will be called the Slave set.

This was announced a few months ago.

i dont understand why they didnt call the NEW slave set something else?

Triglavian Recon vessels have been sighted outside of Invasion zones.”

Current setting might be a bit much. Saw 3 of them going around in a .5 together, and the kill board number for them seem to be adding up.
Seems like a direct attack on afk people, and that is the reason a lot of people are in hs. Adapt or die… and no safe place, all that. I guess time will tell.

Just seems like a drastically increased amount of dps for belt rats.

About time.

Belt rats serve little to no purpose except as SP fodder for The Event

They are not killing the high skill point PVE players in pve ships, they are killing ventures and barges. mostly. In highsec. they are stronger than most rats you would encounter in 0.0 that is a big increase when most of your miners are carebears. FOB in system ok you don’t mine, but now you can be 6+ jumps out from an invasion, and get tagged with rats much stronger than were ever seen. It is a major change with only a minor mention in the patch notes.

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No, and they shouldnt. Those players are more than capable against a couple Trigs.

You mightnt, but those who know how to protect their claims do.

No they arent stronger. You can deal with them in a cruiser if you know what you are doing. And if you dont know, whats to stop you finding out? Or running away when they come on grid?

I see that people are trying to take the Bear out of Carebear again. Why not just call them Carenothings and be done? Whats wrong with defending your claim?

The proverbial you, not you you , obvs.

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Almost lost a ship to 4 Starving Recon Damavik’s, was getting some Planet P I stuff from the Customs Office and was attacked, barely got out of there, had almost no Armour, and Structure.
Wowsers, they said something about HS something or rather, 2 jumps from a FOB.
Interesting yes… defenatly keeps you awake, i guess need to start dscan in HS …


At least they don’t pod… yet.

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I have been having issues with that to…it seems nobody can see me when I type. I am after clearing cash (in game) and doing an integrity check from the launcher, still have not found a fix as of yet. :frowning:

The Vitalshift EGO skins? I dunno, the news post in the launcher said something about “affected by ship state” or something?

I’m guessing the skin itself morphs when you go into/drop out of warp or something, kinda like a lot of new ship hull designs move stuff around when going in and out of warp. Leshaks transform when firing, also, so skin might look different when firing vs. when idle. Another possibility, but wouldn’t do anything on the Charon, so. :wink:

… whaaaa?

Because slaves (the armor-buffer-boosting old slaves) were the Sansha implant set… Sansha also has armor modules (faction and deadspace both)… however, Sansha ships are primarily bonused for lasers/shields/AB use over MWD use.

Therefore, CCP announced their intentions (3 or 4 years ago) to switch Sansha from the armor camp of pirate orgs (see: Serpentis, Blood Raiders) to a fully shield-bonused pirate org (see: Guristas, Angels).

One of the necessary changes from this is that the slaves would have to go be Blood Raider implants instead, IIRC? and then Sansha would get the new shield-buffer-boosting new slaves implant sets. Slaves because Sansha, get it? the name has to stick with Sansha, it’s a lore thing. It’d be like taking a blood-related module or ammo or implant name and sticking it with a new faction instead of keeping it Blood Raider-related.

was it really 40 hours in between spawns? ouch. Anyway, flown through the new one in Domain past two nights, so I’m guessing it spawned not long after you guys both posted about it. Coincidence? YOU BE THE JUDGE!

Im guessing Mood Rings

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Also, the damage types (while cool to see) are only useful for projectile and missiles, really… and since all you need to learn your 4 missile damage types is to learn 4 words (Mjolnir, Scourge, Inferno, and Nova… WAY way down from the old days when there were 4 different words for every type/size of missile, or so I’ve read about–before my time)… really they’re only useful for projectile.

Laser/hybrid/triglavian ammo types are mostly fixed (yes, some lasers just do EM instead of EM/thermal mix, but come on… few and far between cases such as that), and when I’m picking a laser to fire, I want to see the color of the damned crystals, guys, CCPls, whyyyy!

It would be far more optimal to have: [picture of the ammo] [damage type(s)] [name] [amount remaining]…

A lot to squeeze in per line, but come on… you’ve removed valuable info while adding other valuable info… not an outright improvement.

When you right click your gun turrets/missile launchers, it used to show the icon of the ammo, now it only shows the damage type. Seeing the icon was very helpful for laser crystals in particular (many people have the ranges, if not the tracking speeds, memorized (damage types have nothing to do with range or tracking speed)… and while they might also know the full names of each variety, the little colored ball was far faster to pick a choice from).

Same goes for the new triglavian ammos, actually. 5 different pictures, 5 different ranges/tracking speeds… those of us who’ve trained into the trig ships have been learning those icons for the past year or so… and… since they’re all the same damage mix, removing icons = less useful than old system. But at least there’s only 5 of those. Occult -> Tetryon -> Baryon -> Mystic -> Meson (range ordered)… vs. 8 t1 and 2 t2 laser crystals = 10 total.

Oh, and while we’re at it, could you make Gleam look different from Multifreq? white and white = no way to tell them apart other than mouseover the guns when you’re flying a tachyon/beam laser ship, whereas conflag and multifreq and scorch all look very very different (green, white, purple) when flying pulse lasers.

Yes, I’ve seen a dead Epithal wreck on a POCO now in a non-invaded system, so clearly from the recons… in addition to countless t1 industrial wrecks at npc stations (mostly in invaded systems, but at least 1 or 2 elsewhere). No tether to protect 'em while undocking/aligning for warp… instas, folks… make more instas! These are quite the times we live in now… safer to do your PI in WH space than in HS now, it seems!

So here’s a screenshot of the right click menu you receive when clicking on a weapon, with the ammo types you can choose. This screenshot is from an older version of the game (the May release to be exact), and doesn’t have any ammo icons.


Is this the menu you are talking about?