August 2019 Release - General Feedback

Agreed, very little details about this “minor” change has lead to a lot of confusion and exploded ships among our newbros and miners, not nearly as scary as FOB rats but they are way, way stronger than most low sec rats.

Yay, a new ad on the ad screen. And it coerces naive people into buying into this “vital shift” from vanilla to skin whale. Go CCP!

It is… my apologies, I coulda sworn it had the pics of the ammo on there. I guess we were just remembering that you’re clicking the pic of your current ammo to bring that right click menu up. Or perhaps me and Lord Sarevok are victims of yet another Berenstain/Berenstein universe memory flip! ;D In any event, it WOULD be nice to have those pics next to the ammo names.

Even more useful than the damage types for, as I said, anything other than projectile (for most) and missiles (for newbies)… but for hybrids, lasers, and triglavian ammos especially, the ammo pics are more useful than the damage types due to telling us more (at a glance) thanks to range/tracking considerations instead of damage types.

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have the triglavian roaming npc’s Recon, Blinding and Starving Damaviks had a name change to Raznaborg, or are there two sets roaming about now?

Based on my forum readings it is just a name change.


cool beans, for a moment there I thought we might have a 3rd type inbound.

Yes, apparently Raznaborg is Triglavian for Reconnaissance.

When was the feature introduced that you can share broadcast settings? That is one major step to making switching fleet roles so much easier. Saved different settings to a note pad and now switching from logi to dps or tackle requires so many fewer clicks.

There are still good developers in CCP. Whoever that was: Very good work. A drop down to select settings would be even better but it’s a great improvement nonetheless.

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Can someone competent please fix the god damn Agent Finder? I just had an instance where the agent I needed switched positions from the previous position in a different system. Yet, it was still not at the top of the list. Instead, the top of the list showed a god damn agent 6 jumps away and 3 jumps away.

How hard is it to actually deliver the fixes that have been requested weeks ago after you forced this useless Agency upon us again?

I just noticed that this crappy piece of software even ignores that I have “Ignore standing requirements” unchecked. It shows me an FW agent that I absolutely do not have access to. Fix this already!

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