Back in Good Hands

The Republic deployed after we eventually did anyway. So I doubt that. They also could have spared a detachment from it’s argosy I highly imagine, everyone has been fighting off the Triglav’s, yet still maintaining other campaigns and naval goals, I feel it’s grasping at straws to use as an excuse for the Republics late-coming. A factor non-the-less I guess.

You should know more than me that this is what the IGS is all about. As well as the fact that anyone who claims this of others is largely a hypocrite themselves. Most rebuttals I see on this forum revolve around exactly this…

I suppose.

I’ve done it too, sure.

They landed as soon as there was space superiority.

You are asking the wrong question, Ferra. It’s not “Where is the Republic?” To phrase it that way, you insult the brave men and women dying on the damned mudball every day, at far greater personal risk than your immortal self faces in space.

What you mean to ask is where is the Fleet.

Lucky for us, the right questions are now asked also in the Tribal Council.


My apologies for people not reading between the lines I thought were obvious, yes, I mean the fleet… I have always meant the fleet. I am well aware of our people fighting down on the damned mudball.

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Why should she? You said it in public, you made your demand that she ‘proof otherwise’ in public… seems to me like you invited her to discuss the matter in public, no? If you didn’t want to discuss it in public, maybe don’t say things like “if you can proof otherwise go ahead”?

I mean, just sayin’, you did literally ask for it.


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