Balancing books 6 of 10 Market Ripoff

it seems you don’t understand the market system … learn to use the sort features , and look outside the current system you’re in .
players put those overpriced mods up in career systems , hoping to catch new players like yourself . it depends what your time is worth ; a new player will make a few jumps to get a reasonable price . someone training an alt , where 1 million is not worth their time to go to another market , will buy the overpriced item just to quickly finish the mission .
pity , if you try and help out your fellow players by buying a few extra to sell for a fair price , they’ll be bought out and re-listed …

Jinx, a couple of recommendations:

  1. Go to Youtube and view Eve Online for Beginners
  2. By default the market window is set to local. Look for the gear button next to the search box and change the filter to region.
  3. There is a chat channel in-game for new users which is helpful for these types of questions.

This game is full of those who take advantage of new users, especially in the market.

Good luck and welcome to Eve!

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While the OP gets to learn how the market works, another player who is selling at inflated pricing gets to use the first player to learn how the market really works. Both become better players in the end.

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