Ban for nothing! 10 years of playing for nothing!

Writing with google translator

I’ve been playing since I was 12, my character is Nick Tarasov ( Nick Tarasov | Character | zKillboard 9 )
There were other characters, but more on that below.

The point is. I played the game for myself, the Internet blunted, and then you got a ban as everything sagged.
Ban for 3 days in November 2021 or in October, I don’t remember already.

Well, I got up, they said that the ban was due to some macros (what kind of macros?)
They could not answer, they said wait, this is a ban for prevention. Well, okay, suffered and waited for the unban.
I’ve been playing for two weeks, and then you’re banned again because the Internet is down, I’m doing 4 missions on a marauder, the cycles are on, the NPC shoots but the damage doesn’t go away, then everything sags, and 143723947439 cycles of the shield and bastion cancer scrolled, and again his mother was banned !!!
Why the hell???

And they referred to the fact that in the 16th year I played 3 characters, in order to drip conveniently used the multi-contour mode, I spent a lot of time in the bathhouse for it, I gave the man’s word not to use any third-party, well, except for the winampa google chrome browser and Windows OS …

As a result, I pumped out the remaining 2 characters, I gave my second Ha1k Power to my brother 2nd. and all

And I still have the only account with 2 planetaries and one main and only and main mother of his character.!!!

And then again 6 years later.

Dear (?) CCP
Direct my dissatisfaction and demand to conduct a full check of everything and everyone about my account.
In general, I write from another zero, because I can’t write from the main Nick Tarasov, and check some tickets there, I wrote a bunch of them, but it’s useless.

I call on the most responsible GM masters to solve this problem.
And punish those GMs who work carelessly, and bans for show

Have I wasted 10 years? I spent so much time on the game, spent so many sleepless nights, pumped out 180 lyams with banks. For 10 years Carl!!!

I ask you to conduct a check, both me and those careless GM masters.

Nikita Tarasov

I don’t know where to write anymore.
Russian-speaking GMs cannot check anything.
Just refer to the paragraph of the rules and all.
And asking to double-check everything - nothing helps …

10 years…

Here is an example of a mission, how everything hung. and after such hangs, I was banned and caught …
at 19 minutes clearly how it happened.
And at 23 minutes
25 more minutes
Throughout the video, there was a constant glitch with the connection, even the Internet radio hung up.
I’m sorry, I can’t copy video with time stamp…

GMs, get off your crooked guesses and crooked logs.
And take a sober look at the bad Internet, which, in your opinion, is some kind of macro


Russian post


This is the most entertaining thing I’ve read on here in quite some time. Thanks for the laugh…


Not clue what he is talking about, but a truly fantastic read!


This is how google translate translates.
I just want my account back


Sharing accounts is a bannable offense


Once when internet sagging I did macro number 12, the trumpet, the came and leaked my digger went straight to forest, but a sober look at the bad Internet shows that i write from another ZERO


If you’re a cheater, then you got what you deserved, and should take this as a lesson.

If you’ve been falsely banned, then I feel for you, but there is nothing any of us can do for you. All I can suggest is to keep petitioning.

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RMT and botting is against the rules.

Ok. That earned you ANOTHER gank of me. I’ll pay up someday. Just wait for next fanfest.

You really do have a way with words. I’m impressed.

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I have never botted. and didn’t sell anything!

That reads like World of Warcraft.

Did you share your account? Your description sounds like you did. That is what most likely caused you to be banned

Just so you know, they do fingerprint all logins, see here A History of EVE Database Server Hardware - #82 by Emotional_Support_Clown

I don’t care about that account.
I only have one left and it’s on lockdown

Maybe thats the problem. You do bad things so often you cant remember what you did wrong anymore.


I have nothing to do - on a single character to do something?
what is the benefit?

Let me remind you that I licked this character with an account for 10 years.

Maybe you should go back to russian forums? Clearly google translate is not working for you.

The benefit is our enjoyment.

Well, the translator does not work in our country …
the question of how exactly it works is a more appropriate one.

About the Russian forum. There GMs are like my neighbor with a perforator, they have been hammering a wall for 20 years, but to no avail.

Don’t worry, bro. This game is almost over.