Ban LP exploiters please

People who destroy their alts in unfitted, insured ships in nullsec (to avoid security hits) to gain pirate LP should be banned, this devalues everyone elses LP and will make the new content not worth participating in much quicker.
Azariels BPs should not already be up on contract and it’s super easy to see who is doing this exploit.

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This is not an exploit.

It can also simply mean that the LP value is so high that anything that gives LP is worth taking.
In that case it’s a temporary situation, until LP value gets back to a low .

What else do you propose ?

Here is what I propose : everybody who spends time in the FW zone, as a possible target, gets to increase its LP value as time goes on.
That self LP value increases more for activities that are more dangerous.
The gain of LP from a killmail is REMOVED from that LP value (so it can go back to zero). The removal is in batch, like bounty ticks.
If you log off, if you exit FW area, this value goes back to zero.

It’s up to CCP to fix their exploitable systems, that’s part of what we pay them to do.

Players farming LP in this manner know that it’s an abuse of the mechanics and should at least have their ill-gotten gains removed.

I agree that the system should be overhauled to prevent exploitation and something like what you suggested sounds reasonable. But when I see a user on zkill with dozens of unfitted thorax kills in the space of 10 minutes, I do believe that they should be punished to deter others from doing the same. There are honest players out there who play legit that should be rewarded for their efforts without their LP being deminished by exploiters.


wrong, it becomes abuse only when CCP declares it an exploit


You have to visit customer support and report it as exploit. Thay are going to ask you for some data like names, dates, etc.

CCP gms dont read the forums except for some staged appearance.

There is a thin difference between exploit, abuse, and optimization.

Even when it reaches amounts that are unheard of for common people, optimization is not an abuse. To be an abuse, its usage must exceeds what is allowed. To be an exploit, it must do something that is not allowed (declared exploit or do something that should not be achievable).

For example, mass recycling the alts is an abuse.

This is exactly an exploit.

2. make use of (a situation) in a way considered unfair or underhand.
Example: “the company was exploiting a legal loophole”

Its basically the pure definition of the word what has been going on.

What amazes me is the huge balls on this guy for doing it so blatantly and in total disregard for any public outcry or ramifications from CCP.

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it is not an exploit until declared. The guy just found a way to farm LPs within game mechanics in a perfectly legal way. What you have to do is to inform CCP and ask him to declare it an exploit.

The LP farmer was savy and had the brains to profit, and thats the emergen EVEs gameplay we all love.


Stop excusing this kind of behaviour.

This is most definitely not how CCP intended this mechanic and the player in question knows that he is doing something wrong and is abusing a mechanic in the game.

And while some of you apparently love it when people exploit game mechanics for personal gain the rest of us know that this will result in the whole mechanic afterward gets nerfed to death and ruined for everyone else.

This is more sad than anything else. Particularly because the few ruins it for the many.

yes, I agree, I am sure CCP did not predict the outcome, but you cant ban the player for just use very obvious game mechanics. Lot of players have alts in different factions and they are gaining LPs from all sides. He just went one step further and he is killing himself. There is 0 to punish here, he is not profiting from an obvious game bug .

CCP should have predicted the outcome and act in accordance before releasing the expansion.

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Until something comes down from CCP all of your words are just fluff OP.

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thats just like, your opinion, man

edit: now proven correct :slight_smile:

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btw here is what “exploit” means within EVE’s EULA


It’s not. “an exploit” is a noun, not a verb.

The thing is, CCP defines the exploit. I agree that the situation seems bad, but unless they define it as such, it is not one.


CCP has said it’s not an exploit, therefore it is not. Now they might do a balance pass, but as much as I don’t like how it’s done, it is a way to farm LP. Afterall, thoraxes are still being destroyed.


how many unfited thorax do you have to dunk in order to amass enough LP? 60k?

They should have known exactly what would happen with this mechanic.

Its happened before. And on a much grander scale.

It’s not “ill gotten gains”.

They’ve stuck within the rules and mechanics as designed and implemented by ccp.

and I must say, if they are not botting it, it is a lot of work and isk invested in order to get LPs from such huge amount of empty thoraxs.

tbh, they are prob. botting it but CCP does not really give a ■■■■ about bots in nullsec, and every nullsec group need bots in order to keep pace with their “enemies” .

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You know the amount of work to tests is exponential with the complexity ?
That’s why you decouple the functionalities. When you can. When you can’t, you have “emergent gameplay”, that is literally gameplay devs could not think about.

They should have thought of this, since exactly this situation has happened before in faction warfare.
Many moons ago, you got LP based on the value of an opposing faction ship you destroyed.
With some simple market manipulation to artificially bloat the value of worthless novelty items, killing alts resulted in buckets of LP for very little outlay.
A few folk made trillions before this was changed.
Why ccp didn’t heed that lesson is s mystery. Although in this case, far more effort and expense is required.