Ban LP exploiters please

Most likely because CCP is not a monolithic structure, and most players are older than the dev.

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Where have they said this?

And again, it is another door which lets you win in EVE by not playing the game, eve is full of these :rofl:


Sorry man.

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CCP Kestrel said it in someone’s stream (and talking specifically about Thorax cost) last Tuesday.

Thanks for your insight.

Oh im sorry, did someone find a way to blow up a ship? lets rant about it.

What other part on the doll did they touch you?

This aged perfectly.

Glad to see the exploiters has been cited and all LP and Blueprints have been removed.

Thank you CCP.


Exploit Notification - Market and LP value manipulation for PvP kills | EVE Online



This aged well :joy:


Well, exactly. It was not an exploit. It now is.


Good riddance.

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Exactly. And they did not remove the LP from the ppl. doing it before declaring it an explot…

Warnings have already been issued to the groups that were the biggest offenders along with confiscation of the LP and Blueprints that was acquired in this way.

Thank you CCP, justice is served.

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If fraternity weren’t so “loved” for team killing when not sneaking off to their space to do this it probably would have gone better for them lol.

tick lots of people off, they will dig up dirt and report lol.

Well that and they made it obvious. Saving the estalk I have died many times. I it seems am slowly working out giving every member of amarr crews like 24th and minmatar crews like U’K a killmail for the day lol. Player char X needs to die to new poeple once in while. Spices it up. And the sql isn’t showing 400 mails with the same 2 people on them lol.