Banned Players need flags on char accounts

Too far dude, too far.

You need to self moderate that one.

Not cool

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Hi guys just to add if you have been banned you may benefit from my consel on appealing your ban. Please see this cross post for more info,

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Ah, there was your first mistake, believing anything said on the Meta Show.

I will let Brisc defend himself but for my part? My reaction when told of the amnesty was ‘oh hell no’.



As someone who’s made five figures from RMT in video games, I can attest that it’s an activity that’s more that competitive with the average Western “job.” And you don’t even need a formal education, or work experience, or someone to “give you a chance” by hiring you.

If not for RMT, I probably would’ve been close to homeless by now (or possibly dead, since most of my natural skill set consists of picking locks and being able to tell the caliber of a bullet just by the sound of the gunshot). It allowed me to prevent going into default on my college loans right when I graduated during the downturn a few years ago.

That’s harsh.

Even the Old Testament, which to religions is like what 2003 EVE is to modern MMOs, allowed for a deathbed repentance.

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I always imagined that a bunch of the banned botters were just old guys that got tired of double-clicking everything with their arthritic hands and so mapped the double click to a keyboard key. BANNED!

Another big group would be the wormholers that got tired of pressing “v” every 3 seconds like one of those stupid drinking birds. BANNED!

Sometimes warnings are the best way. Right?



Any rough ideas on how many pilots/players we are talking about?

Saul Goodman…is that you? :laughing:


Until we establish if botters are coming back I don’t even think CCP would know that answer. If the GM department is managing the overturn of bans it could be 1 account or 100k accounts which will depend on the weather, how much milk is left in CCP’s fridge and if or it is a Thursday also how many pigeons are currently sat on that GM’s window.

To be honest if CCP un-ban an account for what ever reason then CCP believe that that person deserves a 2nd chance, if you have some mark then there is no way to ever get that 2nd chance as everyone will always expect the worst from you. Human nature.

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The issue is that although EVE does not fall into the definitive Esport category I think we can all agree that it is a highly competitive MMO yet still to this date we do not have transparent enforcement of game rules.

Imagine a major sport where a referee just makes up the rules as he goes along inferring the rules onto one team and not the other, welcome to Eve online. As boat says they’ve even suspended reimbursements for the war. The reason I presume is that CCP can’t insure they are refereed fairly & this war unfair reimbursements will explode into bad press.

IMHO CCP game moderation is a S£$& show and always has been, the last thing that department needs is more responsibility unless staffing and strategy are reorganised.

Maybe the GM team has been magically transformed and a new dawn awaits us tomorrow, I doubt it. They’ve been lumped with more responsibility which they will missuse.

I’m pretty sure that someone at CCP had the brains to draft a policy for this before making the announcement.

So you are saying they deliberately & intended to include non RMT botters into the allowed appeal list?

I’m saying no such thing. I haven’t seen anything from CCP that indicates that.

So no.


@Xeux @Jonah_Gravenstein @Ramona_McCandless revised.

People sometimes mistake hisec carebear for someone less harsh.

I was and am of the opinion that name and shame should be done for bannings. Say why they were banned, what they were doing, who they were and what alliance they belonged to. Public executions.

(no, not Uncle Roggvir)

But I do understand the want for amnesty for some. The example of a person botting dscan or double clicks or long distance travel is a damnably sweet sirens song.

(Hey, you, you’re finally awake . . . )

Yes, I am on the CSM and yes, I do play other games. Yes, I am an old man and probably a bit more old testament wrath than some might expect. But I am also willing to listen and it seems that CCP is, as well.


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Fair dos.

Not about you but about this thread: How in the heck is the OP not ranting?

He’s still out of joint because he doesnt get the sentence means both the crimes of RMT and botting.

Someone explain that making a bot which just flies around in circles and does nothing else is still a bannable offense, regardless if it RMTs or not.