Have you been banned in game & are seeking an appeal ? You may need an internet space lawyer

Hi, I’m Shea Tzestu QC, a barrister at Adeptio Gloriae Chambers. I’m an expert space lawyer who can help you overturn your in game ban.

Applications for a ban over turn must come from the banned player & sent directly to CCP. But with my expert litigation & the assistance of Adeptio Gloriae solicitors in drafting your appeal your chances of successful appeal are maximised.

The first step in overcoming your ban will be a 20 min discord chat with myself which we will clarify your ban & explore any mitigating circumstance, length of ban & your rehabilitation.

The second step will be to apply in game to the Capsuleer Justice Courts presided by Brewlar Kuvakei, justice of the peace. Although an in game justice of the peace cannot over turn a ban they can provide a judgement that will be helpful in your application to CCP. Their judgements will be based on newly founded case laws with the introduction of the CAPSULEER REDEMPTION system introduced by CCP

Thirdly we will assemble your email for forwarding to CCP.

Others falsely claim that botting, RMT & command duplication bans cannot be appealed successfully, they are incorrect and I have helped overturned bans for these offences for other clients. If you have been banned for RMT or botting I strongly advise you use my service or another barristers in appealing your ban.

I make the process of being unbanned from Eve online quick and easy with little effort from yourself allowing you to focus on matters in which you are an expert, sit back and let the expert’s in internet spaceship law gain access to your accounts again.

Join in game channel A.G or PM me in game to start your unban process today.


Well, this is interesting. Anyway, I hope you stick to helping knuckleheads who made a mistake, and that you don’t actually help any RMT’ers and scumbags back into the game.

That makes a few things a lot clearer now. What a mistake to make.

Given Brewlar Kuvakei’s “opinions” in his thread banned players need flags on branding returning banned players it’s probably best not to entrust a self-promoted “space advocate” or his “space judge” with any personal information as little as an email address, let alone a character name or reasons for the ban.

How about those people wrongly accused of RMT or Botting - ?? Your alt wreeeks of your mains BS

Anyways ,

I think this is a great and creative service well suited to the eve online universe

Good luck with the service

Yeah, I’m sure there’s enough of them to fill the grand ■■■■■■■ canyon.

Also, out of idle curiosity, are you accusing me of posting with an alt (wadiest yong)? If so, please elaborate.

And now that you mention it, now you got me wondering if you are doing that thing that Trump likes to do -you know, where he accuses other people of doing things that he’s actually guilty of. OP has virtually no forum presence, you have strong praise for the service, you necro’ed the thread (which was 2 weeks from closing), and you seem rather defensive of criticism towards something that the vast majority of the player base couldn’t give two shits about. I mean, this thread managed to accrue all of 3 replies by 3 people (including one by the alt of OP :slight_smile: ) and two likes over two and a half months.

Hmm. Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

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Yeah I don’t think you understand that this thread is obviously some type of joke / larper having fun , just let it happen :slight_smile:

Strange how people post stuff as a “service” and then log in alts to keep the thread alive. The topic should have been eliminated from day 1, tbh, because, joke or not, this “service” tries to get private information.
Even as a joke, it is misplaced in a Service thread.

Hmm. I guess it is a joke/troll. Reading more carefully through it, I see things like Brewlar would preside over the case, and a reference to “newly founded case laws”.


Well, I think it’s about time I mosey on from this thread.

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I actually like this idea. Most people are so livid about their ban usually it’s hard to write an actual meaningful appeal. CCP bans alot of people unjustly and without actual proof and just a hunch or suspicion. I know because I have been banned unjustly and completely by mistake in the past. I’ve been unbanned but it took me saying the right things. I buried one account for 7 years because I couldn’t hold my tongue in appeal forms. Great Idea!!

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