Been Away for a While (Years) and Restarting

So I’ve been thinking of retaking up my character, saw that there were changes so updated my launcher and logged on. Character has been reset and I’m back at my original corps’ station with the base corvette. Skill set has been reset and I don’t know if I really want to rejoin the corp I had been recruited to the first time 'round, for reasons.

Interested in getting involved in the RP side of things more this time so am considering options for a more viable character path to allow that. Also, trying to think of a plausible backstory of what happened to my main.

Been to the Backstage forum and saw that it has pretty much been inactive since 2022 if not functionally so earlier. I also noted that there is a Discord channel for the RPers and might join that if it is still functioning since it was implemented.

Cheers! o7

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Skillset reset? Unless you mean you extracted your character your skills should still be there.

The intergalactic summit on the forums here are the official in character chatter for RP theres also a section for out of character as well inside the summit. My EVE is another area on the forums you may be interested in.


Thanks, I appreciate the info.

As per my skillset, I don’t recall extracting anything. I connected once or twice over the years, but if I extracted my character I might have done so without realizing it. I just assumed that there was some major server update and my skillsets weren’t carried over.

Thanks again and I’ll check out what you’ve suggested. I think “My Eve” is new to me.

Unless skills are changed or removed like a few years ago reprocessing and mining was changed, skills were removed and replaced, but SP was placed in unallocated

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Good to know, thanks again! :heart:

i bet you are just logged not with your main character. this could happen easily since the stupid launcher update.

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Actually, I took to heart what @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras said in the previous posts. It turns out that not only am I logged in with my main, but I had forgotten so much of how the Eve interface works. This resulted in me misinterpreting what I was seeing. :sweat_smile: :point_right: :point_left:

Thanks for replying. I’m sure that someone will be helped by that comment :heart:

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