Best of Us - EVE Community for Military and Veterans

Best of Us - EVE Community for Military and Veterans

About Us
It’s called “Best of Us”, the name is meant to reflect the notion that we potentially lose people who could have been the best of us to a disproportionate suicide rate among our community.

Best of Us strives to build a strong military and veteran community that can reinforce peoples social support networks. By having a group of people with shared experience it can be a lot easier to find help for problems you might be facing. We have been active since about November of 2014 so going on 7~ years now.

We welcome active military and veterans from all over the world. It’s been a really great experience meeting people from all over the globe no matter the distance we usually find we have a lot in common. It’s been really good to cut through the in-game meta we welcome people from all over New Eden.

It’s been a really great experience meeting other Vets from around the world at Eve meets and on fleets as well as in channel. Big thanks to the Eve community for being awesome hopefully we can get bigger and better and have more to offer down the line. The struggle is letting people know we’re here so if you know some friends who are active duty or veterans let them know about us, it may just have a really good impact on their day to day or game play experience. The positive impact we’ve had so far has been truly humbling.

How Active are we?
Our (Partnered!) Discord membership stands at about 250~ members, with people from all backgrounds and countries. We have done small meet-ups that parallel with EVE Online meet ups such as EVE Vegas, EVE North East, FanFast, and others. Our chat channel in-game has hit over 100 active members during our in-game events, and in the past has sat around 30-40 active. Unfortunately, as EVE has changed over the years our in-game channel membership has gone down, but we are actively working to repair that.

Want to help out?
We would greatly appreciate any help spreading awareness about our group. We are also looking for FC’s that wouldn’t mind volunteering an hour or two of their time each month to lead NPSI fleets for our members who aren’t part of huge groups with regular fleet activity.

Where can I check out Best of Us?
EVE Online Channel: Best of Us

Admins: Hit up J McClain at Twitter@evebestofus, or Alchemist8 on Discord at Alch#6096


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