Better Home Button

For those of us that don’t want to use the little “select this, select this sub-forum, select this” to navigate to our destination. By chance (because I work QA) I clicked the EVE Online top left and found the home button. Many won’t be as curious and click happy as I am and may never find the button. Would be better to have a labeled button.

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Just by hovering over the headline I discovered, that indeed the home-button is always visible … its either EVE-Online … OR the NEOCOM-E … infront of thread-tile and category -home …
Could use a bit more space to make it visually clear that it has a meaning

Ohh, you’ll probably love what happens when you press the ? key :grinning:

Also, there’s a menu in the top right that will probably make your life better:

this “option” menu is a big part of my complaints … hide half of the page’s navigation behind a button triggered frame … is not really nice design

Most mobile phone menus are hidden like that. Its a minor annoyance on the desktop, unfortunately the best way to get familiar with a new toy is to screw around with it.

I thought the fact that logos are used for the “home”-url is commonly known in 2017.

Nope. You’d be surprised how uncommon certain elements are. Keep in mind the absolute majority of user types are neither technical nor in tune with what’s current or not. Always a big stumbling block for usability & design, but an important one. Also, redundancy is in visually directed behaviour always key.

After thinking about it… guess you are right.
If I remember parts of my family most wouldn’t have even tried to click there. :worried:

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It is becoming more and more common with bootstrap. The far left is a button to go to the index page. Buttons on the right have other functions.