Black out in HS

Nullsec is getting blacked out, to help address a huge imbalance & create a little more risk on this graph (right side)


And water is wet.

Just because it’s needed somewhere does not mean it would not be good somewhere else.

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How is it unfair, its endgame content.


because with so much fun in NS nobody will remain in HS but jita bots and I will feel lonely :frowning:

I think it’s time to blackout the whine clowns on this forum.


When they add this they can make that an attribute of it.

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It would effect the War Dec corps that live in Highsec … they would never undock! lol

Forum Blackout: You see the comments, just not the characters who made them :stuck_out_tongue:


Why isn’t this thread merged into in the “local comms blackout discussion” thread, so I can ignore it automatically along with the rest of the whiny self-pitying nonsense ??


Because that would prevent us from having such an interesting intervention as yours.

Also because on the opposite of the common people who go in the “main thread” to whine, I rather give hope job in this one, even though it may not sound very handy.
I don’t believe CCP devs could care about my little personal opinion. I still think some people are interested with a more casual and mannered discussion than people spamming “I will unsub all my accounts” on one hand, and people spamming “I just subbed all my accounts” in the other hand.
This is not about if we liked what CCP did. This is about if we can imagine going further.

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Invaded system blackout should 100% be a thing. As it’d encourage low-sec engagement if they happen to be on the invaded list. Plus it’ll add to the already spoopy aesthetic. Red skybox and the unintelligible elite hax0r system text isn’t doing it for me anymore.

with a high sec blackout gank success will rise again as anyone traveling will need an alt just to scout.

Not when there is a Wardec involved

They undock?

Yeah, we need actually to delete all chats in eve, even Rookie Help. Yes, that’s definitely a good idea!

It would frighten every miner who is watching local for incoming ganker fleets.

CODE did it even with Local. Step up that game son.

Who the ■■■■ pays any attention to local in high sec?





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Any smart industrialist who flys a freighter or mining barge.

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