Gate Outages/Hyjacks

This would be low/high sec only.

Gates are randomly attacked by NPC pirates and are taken offline until players clear the gates. Rewards when the gate is clear (mission objective?).

It is mainly a good clean sandbox style PvE activity that could get pretty messy in low sec :skull_and_crossbones:

EDIT1: The NPCs would not stop at one gate and would never release a gate unless the players retake the gate. Eventually if ignored inhibiting travel and isolating systems.

EDIT2: No loot, only the mission reward for clearing the gate, to avoid farming.


The only thing that should happen with this is multiple highsec routes between hubs. They can be much longer routes, to keep the focus on a single route while allowing options for safer travel the rest of the time & if gates are out.

Other than that, I can’t really complain about the idea. Regional gates might need marking offlimits so region to region travel isn’t disrupted.
And some kind of check to make sure a system never gets isolated as it becomes a safe farm then.

Good idea…I would add an escalation mechanic so that it doesn’t just become farmable…(even though that too can be farmed)…

Gate guns vs lore might be an issue…maybe claim the pirates “hacked” the guns and turned them off?

And “hacked” police/faction/customs vessels on gates as well?

The pirates sent them on a wild goose chase on the other side of the system… :crazy_face:

I’m generally not one to like adding random farmable PvE content…but this intrigues me.

+1, would like to flesh out further. I think for this to be interesting/balanced the reward would have to be more about clearing the gate and less about ISK/loot.

That is why I was thinking of a mission rather than loot, the mission can only pay if the gate is cleared.

Loot is just more crap to mess up the MER.

remember when ccp tried to do something like this with outposts. but to a much much lesser extent. and no one actually wanted to play along so all they did was cry about it?

yeah why do you think this would be a good idea?

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