Blackout and the "Chaos" to come

well I’m not paying to train skills, so when its out its out, I’m thinking within the next six months they will see the true impact of this. by then most of the current omega time will have run out. by then ill be playing something else. that cost to much money to play.

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I understand and wish you good fortune and much success on whatever you decide to do.

I have too much time invested into my character to stop being an Omega account so I’ll just continue being a casual player doing Skill Training Online.

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and best of luck to you sir

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wot I notice is since ccp started to do all these changes they lost a lot player now they seems to tell people that number have increased which total bs and now have you eve seen ccp firesaling so many plex and free skills point trying to get people to stay “if only ccp would listen to the player base on their own forums instead of listen to people on reddit” maybe there more player playing the game I notice ccp plan for content for the meetups than they own game rather sad that they ■■■■ at creating content but good at adding bugs that where created when move the chat servers to another provider and using it as content I have over 10 accounts I down to 3 becuause I feel I not going pay for 10 accounts when I not having fun with them, this year ccp has failed it player base by not listen to the player base.

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Where? I see no significant difference.

well if you really look at that you will notice that the high and lows point to the fact that the US time zone has dropped. just to clarify, the drop to zero is down time 0600 central time us. then it peaks and falls at about noon, then at 1800 when its at its lowest is the US main play time. when everyone is off work

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once upon a time, skill points meant something…


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I know they handing out skill points like candy now

The game I waisted to much time and money on. How I will remember eve online and CCP. Now off to a different game.

Can I have your stuff? :smirk: