Blackout n Dscan

So now that we have local only ppl that can play is gankers, cause not even dscan works now. I wapr to hack site, Forgotten Frontier Recursive Depot, and checked the dscan but still major gankers. You cant even ask for ransom because local is deleted but I was dead so fast i couldnt even try to warp or mail them to discuss

I go back, and sae thing happen, no local noone in dscan so even though Im ready to pay ransom I hopefully make money for new miner. I find The Forgotten Frontier Evacuation Hacking Center, and same alliance is there and shoot me again.

No local no dscan, but the guyAwaken Defender shoots me so fast I cant surrender. Hes same alliance because they all have same profile- Threat level Deadly

How can we make money if they take local and these guy use cheat code to not have dscan, I mine for 2 weeks for astero


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