Blood Raider Forward Operating Base - too weak?

(Circumstantial Evidence) #42

That’s too much; if true, rookie systems should be spared from FOB patrols. The NPC dangers in those systems are supposed to be matched to what can be done with the rookie ship.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #43

My bad. I was in a rush hauling stuff so I wasn’t keen on staying there too long to look closely. Got back there and system is next door to 1.0. Most of the wrecks were Velators, Ventures and T1 frigs yet there were some hauler and even cruiser wrecks there also.

(Black Pedro) #44

Nah. Perhaps if they are invading tutorial missions, but if they are just shooting players loitering about on the station or gate, then the newbies might as well used to the idea ships are suppose to be lost in this game and space is dangerous.

Coddling and bubble-wrapping players from loss hasn’t worked to increase retention rates. Time for CCP to try something new and bring New Eden to life with more player-like NPCs and provide players with a challenge.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #45

I’ve seen new players in noob systems sitting in their rookie ships on station for half an hour or more, absorbing all the different controls and UI features EVE offers. They deserve better than having their ship blown up every five minutes by hyper aggressive NPC’s.

They will leave the nest for an adjacent system, soon enough.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #46

It’s a Guristas FOB. 4 wrecks were 3 cruisers and 1 BC.

(Black Pedro) #47

I’m not so sure. I think they deserve better than being bored out of the game or lulled into believing that highsec is safe.

We all must resist this maternal impulse we all seem to have to shield new players from the core game as it hasn’t served us well in keeping new players. Shower the new players with replacement ships if need be, but let them get used to loss early on.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #48

I believe “intro to ship loss” is baked into the tutorial. I don’t believe hyper aggressive NPC’s blowing up newbros every 5 minutes while they’re still figuring out the controls or the overview or the map, during their first hour of EVE, is at all helpful. When they leave the nest of the rookie system, all bets are off.

But its all moot at this point, Iwo Sh’ivah followed up to write that this was not happening in a rookie system.

(Anderson Geten) #49

dude. noob systems protection is here for a reason. : Ganking newbros is plainly STUPID.
The game is already very hard to learn for it not to have another pressure on newbros to learn faster.

I know CODE. people like to say that “killing people make them stay in the game” but this is false.
In the long run Eve needs both hardcore pvp gamers and chilling pve gamers. filtering them out at the beginning just because you don’t like the way they want to play is just going to kill the game.

I know you are more clever than that. Stop this nonsense.

(CCP Paradox) #50

I want to explain there are no FOBs in Rookie Systems.

(Erethond) #51

Actually it was stated by CCP when they talked about different metrics they looked at in the game: Player retention is much higher if they have been killed in PVP within a short time of starting than if they haven’t.

My interpretation of this is quite different from what others would say though: I think it is because players who are willing to risk PVP get to experience the incredible rush that it is in EVE (even if the PVP is just playing cat and mouse with someone in LS) so they stay in EVE because they are willing to experience the best of it, whereas the players that stay casually in HS and risk as little as possible quickly get bored.

Then the ganking is just a side effect of player willingness to take risks, which would be the actual determinant of player retention. But if we assume CCP did their homework properly and checked multiple correlations before implying causation, the information they shared was indeed that killing a player makes them more likely to stay, oddly enough.

(Iwo Sh'ivah) #52

My mistake, sorry for misleading everyone. Saw a lot of rookies and jumped into wrong conclusions before checking that out.

System was Algogille, Couster (Gallente career agents) gate.

(CCP Paradox) #53

Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:

Fly Safe o7

(Tipa Riot) #54

There is a fundamental difference in the potential fun level of dying to another player or dying to a cheating piece of AI.

(Rick Mackling) #55

This is hilarious.

No better “Welcome to EVE!” than getting gate camped.

(Anderson Geten) #56

This is not the truth. CCP noticed a correlation between the retention of a player and him being ganked. This however does not imply there is any relation between the two.

So it is not “retention is higher if he gets killed” any more than "getting killed is higher if he likes the game"
Which is another interpretation, which you give afterwards and I think you are right, but this is only MY (and your) interpretation. And CCP makes it homework correctly by not implying any causation, only stating correlation.

(Diametrix) #57

Is there a channel or group interested in Gurista FOB locations?

(Chan'aar) #58


“The Defense Network”

(Rivr Luzade) #59

Whether it’s too weak I cannot tell, but why aren’t Empire gate NPC fighting back when 4 frigates dismantle them? I’ve just watched 4 Blood Raider Punisher wreck 2 Amarr Customs Armageddon and assorted escorts.

(Chan'aar) #60

Thats “new AI” npcs vs “old scripted” npcs. The new AI ships are based on the stats and performance of player ships, the old stuff has no chance at all (just like it has no chance against players).

(Diametrix) #61

+1 Thanks!