Bounty Hunting Stations

Eve Wiki does not explain bounty hunting at all well. But more to the point, I cannot find anywhere a list of stations that provide bounty hunt lists, and nowhere does it say what the icon for this even looks like or where it is on the station menu or anything like that.

I did find a video where somehow someone had managed to add the ‘Bounty List’ to the Chat pages…and I’d also like to know how that is done.

bounty hunting is dead, don’t worry about it

Hi Cilla, I think this blogpost covers it.

End of Bounty Hunting

I should add; it never returned!

CCP removed bounty hunting a while ago. The entire system was really too complicated in terms of payouts. You don’t get the full bounty if you destroy someone’s ship even pod them!

Also, many people who had large bounties really wore it as a badge of honor and it really defeated the point of bounties. For simplicity’s sake I am happy it’s gone.

But its still there as one of the major skills queues.

That’s because CCP considers killing asteroid belt NPCs for money “bounty hunting” now.

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