Bring back old proving grounds

Twitch VOD is gone after 2 weeks, so here I made a quick Video explaining what the old arena was (and remains on YT for more than 2 weeks): Eve Online What was the old arena like? - YouTube

Bring it back, more content!

EVE needs more content, this could be a step towards the right direction.

I never participated in the old arena, but the concept behind PVEVP sounds great.

Pouring one for the first concept of PvEvP in the game, and still the best executed.

A damn shame really, and an unnecessary one. They could have kept both :rage:

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It takes me wonder how the Abyssal filament restriction affect activity, would it still be high enought to make the 2nd gate spawn?

An idea that came to mind was, using the old arena as a way to sit out your suspect timers in .8 systems after completing a high tier filament.

Bring back the old arena, I think its a good idea and probably won’t affect the current PG filaments too much.

PS. Saw link to this thread in a YT video

If CCP does not want to continue the proving ground events, then the old arena should be returned

Some sort of an update regarding the arena events: Twitch

I agree, old arena needs to be returned to the game

4 months+, still no news regaring the PG filaments, so sad

Content where the “Final Boss” is another human being was pretty much unique in Eve. I never played the old abyssal proving grounds (I liked the PvE) but I can see why many people liked them and I would be happy to see them return.


Celebration of 3 years request to bring this content back is upon us

[Summer 2023 event] Celebrating 3 years request to bring back old arena - 150B+ in prizes (July 8 - August 6) - Events / In Game Events - EVE Online Forums

Its time to bring this old arena reques to a higher level: In September you can vote the old arena!

I was against the CSM as a concept when it was first talked about. And now lets look back over the years what has the CSM accomplished? It seems like the game is dragging its feet and decisions are being made at the top which are just bad. So how is the CSM helping? Get rid of it and get some designers that actually play and love the game in important positions of the company please. Before its too late.

The campaign for CSM 18 is now officially started (see latest DEV Blog): Gustav Mannfred for CSM 18 - Vote the old Arena!

Vote the old arena, lets bring this back!

Sadly I did not make it into CSM :frowning:

You get the opportunity to vote the old arena again next year

Old arena should still be returned

On January 12, the Arena events come back, after nearly a year

That arena event did not happen and we appearently do not get any more news from CCP :frowning: