British Summer Time

Does the Cluster Shutdown happen at 11 am BST or 11 am GMT ?

11 GMT = 11 EvE time.

So we are currently in downtime.

So it’s GMT - Thanks.

Those dummies that had the idea of this “daylight saving time” should be perma-wardecced and ganked to kingdom come.

Absolutely. It may have made more sense with more agrarian societies and seasonal energy crises, but in the ‘information era’? No.

Just keep all countries’ timezones fixed, and, as appropriate, vary the start and end times of individual businesses and schools etc., so farmers, teachers, retail outlets and other industries can all choose what’s best for them!

Pretty obvious.

Why not sell them to an Amarrian tobacco plantation for “re-education” purposes? At least give them a chance to repent their sins. :wink:

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The little clock in the bottom left of the client shows NEST - New Eden Standard Time. Downtime is always planned for 11:00 NEST.

The NEST clock is taken from CCP’s cluster, not the local desktop OS so represents a good common time everyone can see that is immune to the vagaries of planetary timezones, daylight saving time and any other nonsense.

That it aligns with UTC is an historical oddity.

I like time.

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