EU citizens: are you tired of daylight saving time? The EU is surveying your opinion!

After many petitions by different agents, the European Council is pondering what to do with daylight saving time (keep it or remvoe it, and in this case, which time setting to keep, winter time or summer time). To gather data on the topic, they’re surveying governments, entities and citizens to know what do they think about the matter.

Here’s the survey:

The server is usually overloaded with visitors during daytime but it works fine during nightime. Notice that you can fill the survey until August 16th.


I noticed this yesterday. Sadly, it’s still unavailable. sighs Though, it’s a good sign if so many people want to participate in this pan-EU survey about a matter that the infrastructure crumbles. :slight_smile: (And before someone starts gloating about how private companies would do it better. Just don’t. Their servers regularly die from overload as well. Just look at TQ. :stuck_out_tongue: )

I got through when I tried at 00:20 local time last night. Let’s be patient, it’s a very important survey. :wink:

I just got through as well after reloading the page. :tada:

Thanks, Yiole!

Funny, 40 years ago swiss people rejected daylight saving time in a referendum but it had to be adapted anyway a few years later to stay in sync with all the surrounding countries who introduced it without asking.

Would have saved 40 years of this nonsense if only they did this earlier.

I’d say people don’t know what they have with daylight saving time.

Without it will one start the day later in summer and have a little less of the evening. With it does the working day get moved earlier into the morning, leaving one more daylight after work.

And that’s what people want to get rid of. :confused:

Follow-up: the European Commision has published the results and 84% of the people and entities who answered the poll (over 4,000,000 citizens) asked to stop the daylight saving and keep summer time instead. The Commision has now issued a suggestion to member states to discuss and eventually adopt this measure.


i would love this. winter time sucks.

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