Broken Pirating and Ganking with no Counter

Ok, i will stop this talk, because i seem to not get through with my point and that is on me. I have never said ban gankers or ganking, i said more balance to the mechanic.

I have never implied anyone to be murderers, but if you look at most gankers behavior in game it tells a certain story about the person behind.

We will never agree, so no point in continue this so called debate. You are one of the few who actually present real arguments, as most are responding the way i expect from most gankers.

I wish for you to enjoy your easy kills and gank away. I will adapt and find my ways around you and maybe see you gank you back :wink:

Fly safe and enjoy the game :wink:

Thats a stretch. People are playing with the mechanics of the game itself. Doesnt mean its a reflection of the person behind the pc.


youre right ive never saw any specifics from you ( but i also dont search for it ) but as i read in all the threads out there all the antiganking dudes want to ban ganking or heavy restricted ! maybe you can bring out some points you would try to balance and maybe they are a, okish way we could discuss about ?

but youve said that actions in a fictional simulation are a reflection of a RL persons metal health ! and there are an enormus amount of games out there where it´s ok to “kill” the pixel´s of another gamer.
i´ve just collected a few popular shooters …

and the mental health of anyone cannot be detected by playing a video game ! thats almost impossible … ! if you would say that communication of one person in a video game could tell us … then its way more possible then the actual actions of this person !

btw … i know you dont say they are psychopath´s but there is not much room for many interpretations if i read your post about mental health and video games !

as said before i´m not a ganker but still i can collect easy kills like everyone else in a game with a lot of PvP :wink:

you dont need to avoid me xD i´m mostly not looking for revenge if ppl having other opinions and still i´m not a ganker :wink: if you take a closer look on my KB then you could notice !

but, the best thing anybody can do in eve is → Adapt ! so your doing the only thing we all need to do !

As I read over all this…a question. Who flies a freighter no webbing scout. Friend or dualbox, pick one.

You see if the scout jumps first and goes this gate is looking scary even for a frigate to land in…the freighter should not jump.

The web is to not have utter butt times for align to warp, ofc. Or was webbing freighter trick removed in my years away?

I think the Problem is that a Freighter is basically a capital but has < Battleship EHP making it very volunerable to ganks. How can an Orca easily get >1mil EHP but the Freighters struggle to get even 500k ?
It’s just out of proportions… it doesn’t make any sense. 5 DSTs are way better and more efficient transporting that stuff around. Freighters need a buff for sure.
In reality the bigger your freighter, the better the efficiency… in Eve it’s reversed. The bigger your ship the worse your efficiency. Here is a graphic of different ships and their Cargo capacity in m³:

What is all that space on the Fenrir wasted on if not for Bulkheads? :smiley:

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Of the people I know in real life who gank in game there is a music teacher, an accountant, and a Subaru mechanic. You know, real degenerate types. :roll_eyes:

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Sounds like a real nasty gang! They probably hurt cute animals in dark rituals. One can tell by their behaviour in an online game!

A music teacher, an accountant, and a Subaru mechanic walks into a bar…


They see a miner drinking without a permit at the counter.


So they gank the miner right away.


Ba dum tsh

:smiling_imp: :popcorn: :dealwithitparrot:


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