Brutor Tribe lev 4 Agents Missions? Where to start?

I am beginning a new career with a brand new Pilot.
I Wish to do Brutor missions, and was guessing, which is the fastest way
to build up standings. It’s Ok to do Minmatar Fleet missions?
derived standings should go up as well for Brutor, also Thukker is part
of Minmatar Alliance… Or would it be better to just do Brutor Missions?
Seems like I’m a noob again :slight_smile:

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Brutor Tribe, they have Agents in Rens (not sure about lv 4), a new character can run those agents to build up standings which will help with the Trade Market fees as well as reprocessing Ore / Modules.

As for gaining quick standings, check out ‘The Plan’…

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You can also hire united standings improvement agency to quickly raise your standings up.

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Stick with Brutor if that is the corp you want to gain the most standings.

In general, I would recommend you use the Agency to first find the storyline agents for that corp (filter on Agent Type, Faction and Corp). If the storyline agent is in the same station, I believe it is pretty much guaranteed you will get storyline mission with this agent, speeding up your standings for that corp.

When you find the storyline agents, right click the agents, then Show Info, and check their location in the Agent Info tab.

Next you want to find agent of the mission type and level you want to do, ideally located in the same station as a storyline agent (else, in the same system)
Filter for that agent type (e.g. Security) and level, then again, for the agent in the same system as the storyline agent, right-click them, show info, and check their location if it matches the storyline agent.

Specific to Brutor, it is pretty easy. There are only 2 storyline agents, one in Rens and the other in Fram. You’ll see you can do Level 1 and 2 in Rens (one of the level 2 security agent have a storyline agent in same station), then move 1 system away in Fram for level 3 and 4 agents, with a storyline agent in the same station.

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Lustrevik has 3 L4 mission agents two are brutor, one is RSS. Their are also a few more L4 agents within one or two jumps.

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