Buff Mining barges

You seem rather confused and are going off on odd tangents when people explain the time that it takes to apply drone damage. You seem to want to argue about hot keys for some odd reason. feel free.

I was never talking about drone damage. Try to keep up ok?

I was talking about the application of drone damage to another poster when you jumped in with your argument. Weird…

Here you go bro. Let me know if you’re still confused, okay?

Looks like you were the one that “jumped in”.

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You jumped in and made a comment about a hot key, the conversation was happening before that. But if it makes you feel good go with it.

Sorry dude, I posted the quotes. Try again.

I repeat

Cool. Won’t make you any less wrong.

Or hot keys any more relevant

They’re relevant to the exchanges. See quotes above. Thanks. :slight_smile:

I was having an exchange with another player when you barged in with a meaningless post about hot keys, you replied to another poster that was also in the discussion. My question was whether that made any difference, and you decided that I was the person who you made that reply to by accusing me of whinging about the time to unlock asteroids, which I never did, I just asked you what difference did it make, it is there in your post above. You are an immensely confused poster mate.

You are going off topic mate, you should desist. I am putting you on ignore at this point.

What about a assault frig style dcm on barges and freighters. Oh ■■■■ there goes your shotty pvp content. Why have auto pilot. Why have a 60 second cycle on barges.

Should I be required to have an alt web my freighter just so I dont get ganked. Or have a logi alt. Why not a ecm alt.

The argument is fitting correctly and being active. When the game is designed to be played semi-active. When a player is active they should have the tools available on 1 account and 1 ship to survive. Were not talking about jumping into a sexy gatecamp. Were talking about some chads cruising hisec in negative security status with broken bounty system and cheap stuff welping any play style they disagree with.

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Actually you barged in. Just go read the quotes. I was talking to someone else about a hotkey. :slight_smile: Thanks.

Actually, who the ■■■■ gives a ■■■■ who was first to go all ego and start this on the road to going waaaay off topic for 100+ posts.

It takes two to do that. One of you needs to step up to the plate and take a swing at dropping it and getting back to whatever the ■■■■ this thread is about.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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Topic was resolved already, who cares if the discussion went on from that point? :smiley:

And on the topic of the hotkeys: Yes, if you’re concerned that unlocking roids and locking new targets takes too much time, using hotkeys is going to save you a tick or two. I would recommend using hotkeys for any regular actions, it saves a lot of time.

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Actually in the example given it makes no difference, -10 warps in, I drop a targeted roid as he still comes out of warp, then lock him up. While he is being locked I could use the mouse and drone interface and click as soon as the lock registers or hit the hot key to apply drones. I see no benefit in terms of hot keys for this at all. The only time it would be useful is if the server did not register the lock in time so you had to do it again so the hotkey would save you time there.

Using hot keys is very good for getting more commands into a server tick, but if you have a lock period between the two actions it makes no difference for the scenario we were talking about it. So I asked why? And just got insulted for whining about unlocking roids. Because of that and the fact he could not answer my question I can only conclude that the person who made that post was saying hot keys to try to make out that he was better or knew better than the people he was having a debate with, a sort of look at me I am wonderful because I know how to use hot keys virtue signalling. Due to that I decided to block him.

In any case most gankers seem to think that drones apply immediate damage, in my experience drones are very slow indeed.

PS I also know what some people do:

Saul Alinsky, the final rule, number 13, is of most relevance:

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. "

If you’re orbiting a rock and paying attention you don’t have to worry about any of this. Just warp away.

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Literally look at the last patch. Nullification (for the most part) and Warp Core Stabilizers went from being passive to being active modules.

Now look at the changes related to cloaking units. You can no longer AFK cloak in a system with a mobile observatory. It used to be that you could cloak indefinitely without touching a button. Now, you actually have have to pay attention if there is a mobile observatory in system.

CCP wants active game play and the recent patches show it.

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