Build new star gates around Niarja

100% wrong. Low prices are bad for newbies because it makes it impossible for them to have any hope of getting into the market.

Especially when he does missions. Which is what they usually start with.

And this is a major problem. Missions are the most menial and useless part of EVE and the fact that they’re the only real career option for new players should be considered a catastrophic problem.

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It’s far too simplistic to say low prices are better for new players. What about miners? What about trading LP store items and mission loot?

When it comes to new players in Amarr space, they are going to be using meta modules, like lasers and armour mods, and tech 1 amarr ships, of which there will be an abundance at low cost.

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Prices are rock bottom for most meta modules already. Low prices for ore hurt the noob miners of the game. Jita drove down ore prices and prevented regions from having their own market. I’ve seen this before with Yulai being effectively removed from the game back in the day. This will be good.

I would rather see Hek turned into trig space personally. Have 2 islands and go from there

I mean there was a time when all the empires were separated by low sec.

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Electus Matari wouldn’t let that happen.

ehi edencom, stop hidden my post, it will only made you bad.

yep someone is salty that they lost niarja, i keep getting hidden




Jita is the reason why miners in the first place make so little isk, why not just support their regional market and stop complaining.

It would be better for us pvpers as well becuase when we open a worm hole and its near dodixie instead of jita we could actually use it since there would be a functional market there and not just scraps, if you want more isk for your goods then put them in a none jita market and we will support you and buy your stuff at higher price.

Can’t wait for 1 year time when high sec is completely split up and every block is self sufficient eve will be much more healthy and vibrant.

I will tell you a secret. Regional markets are not crap because Jita exists -rather Jita exists because regional markets were (and are) crap.

Jita was created by players after the reshaping of the gates network. Jita was elected because a) back then Caldari was the most popular faction so Caldari space had a larger population b) it was roughly in the middle of the new network c) it was close to several popular mission hubs and d) it had easy access to Amarr space where some lowsec ores could be found in highsec.

Thus a team of dedicated industrialists/traders decided to stock the market there, an effort which took a couple months before mission runners, people stocking mission runner hubs and other industrialists/traders began buying and selling in Jita too.

Closed borders destroy the economy, not boost it. With Amarr cut from Jita, Amarr will decline -not in a year, but in three months.


Thank you for your perspective.

Whilst using to find out which hub offers the best prices should already teach players the importance of Jita 4-4 in the current economic constellation, the thing I despise more than anything else is seeing a popup that says that a rig or module is completely sold out at other hubs.

The latter is something which, I believe, every single person who has ever been a quartermaster for an alliance (a role that involves importing hundreds of fits) will despise almost as much as when CCP changes the name of a module, causing thousands of staged ships to suddenly disappear from the inventory spreadsheets. It just isn’t an aneurysm anyone wants or has to deal with.

So I encourage you to continue to use Jita as the primary stock market for everyone’s convenience, assuming the Caldari State still exists next month.


We Kybernauts will do our very best to annex the State as soon as possible.

Jita by Christmas.


Sad Ishukone noises

Was EVE not a sandbox from 2003 to 2020?

Preach it!

Meanwhile, in Dodixie.

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