Building a New Eve

So as a new player, 7 months old, I have been asking myself What Could Eve Become. What’s the future of Eve ? Ten years, Twenty Years, Thirty years. As a new player who has fallen in Love with Eve, and hope to play it well into my retirement, I have to ask myself and the Eve community what it’s visions are for Eve.

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I have had thoughts of recoding with a new approach or maybe that is not necessary… But Eve in my opinion could be so much more. I imagine the day when I can undock my ship, and see it from a platform, watch as they fix my ship from the battle I just nearly escaped, and watch as giant mechanical arms refit my ship as I make adjustments, to return to the battlefield. After a long day of battle, or maybe a long day of mining, or from the depths of the black holes that we spend hours exploring. I dock my ship and walk to my room, one of hundreds on this deck. As I can’t afford to live on the top deck, nor would I want to, right here on the bottom deck with my fellow undesirables is where I belong. As I open the door to my room, first thing that always catches my eye, my best kill I had turned into a trophy, took me three months rations to afford, the war against Amarr has taken its toll on the Minmatar Army, but that trophy gives me inspiration everytime I see it. My room isn’t big but It works, I shower and get the space dust of me and hit the bed, tomorrow will be a long day.

I awake, groggy, with a feeling close to slamming a 12 pack of Quaff, head spinning, I look at the clock and spring to my feet, im late, not just late but it appears I had slept an entire day away… I jump on comms with my fellow pilots, and see what I missed, they tell me to be meet them at the restaurant on deck C-7, our normal meeting place, few decks above my humble home. I grab a quick shower and throw on a clean set of clothes, and head for the rings. I step on the platform, rings surround me, and almost instantly I’m five decks above my deck on C deck heading for the food court, rings have always fascinated me, another one of technologies made accessable to all of New Eden from the Jove empire, would be nice to someday see their home, see what wonders they have hidden from the galaxy for so long. They replaced our traditional elevators that had been around for as long as history can remember. As I walk into the restaurant I see my Corp mates sitting around our normal table in the back corner, I head over for a quick bite and to see what I missed, they already had my food waiting, space goo is horrible, but with a little franks hot sauce were all good… We chat for about twenty minutes, I get the down low on the front lines of the war that has been raging on ever since the Great Reset. We decide today that we won’t be joining our brothers on front lines, but instead will be mining a moon chunk that is set to explode within the hour. We need CTR’s by the thousand’s, so we need R4 moon ores when they are available.

We leave the restaurant together, head for the rings, on our way to the docking bay. We have personal docking bays now, that we rent, we are on docking bay level B, section 4. Renting a bay isn’t required, but ideal to in your home base, that way your always undocking on the same level and same place, if you don’t rent one, you end up anywhere they have room for you… The rings lift around us and instantly we are at the docking bay, as we walk off the platform we all go out separate ways heading towards our ships, need to have the dock workers bring out the mining ships, so we step on the platforms overlooking our ships and start using the Holo Tab. The Holo Tab activates when you step on the docking platform, it projects a screen in front of you with all your ships in stock, you simply grab the ship you want to use, if you have alot like I do, you might have to swipe right or left to change the page, but once you grab the ship you want to take out or work on, the dock workers fly out the current ship and fly in the new, and the Holo Tab, changes its screen to the fitting screen for that ship, you can grab parts and remove them and add them via the screen, when your set and ready to fly, you step of the docking bay platform and head for the Air Pod room, every docking bay has several. I walk up to the Pod it opens automatically and I step in.

The only thing the teapot thought was, “oh no, not again.” before colliding with the planets surface.

As I Connect with the clone, the Rush I get, Prickly feeling that moves like a wave over your body, starting from toe to head the back to your toes, l feels as amazing as the first time did everytime, but don’t be fooled, you feel the damage as it breaks your Shields, Peirce’s your armor, and Cuts through your Haul, and when your podded that really hurts… I connect to pod and enter the Orca, “Shamu” heading out to one of the moon belt’s, we have at least one a day, sometimes two, but always one available to mine, heading to Mid Sec, the sec added after the Great Reset, its just like High-sec use to be, but the attacks on miner’s has gone up, thankfully some researcher and company designed a new fitting that mitigates the damage for 12 secs, can only be fit to mining ships, as long as your paying attention, and keep on your toes you can mine safely in the 0.5 mid sec, it takes alot more now to kill a miner who’s is attentive, before concord shows up. The new high sec, 0.7-1.0, where we live of course, is finally a safe place, concord now occupies the areas by the hundreds in every system, you can fire on another vessel still but response time is almost instant and there are long range sentry’s everywhere now, the Pirate’s tried alot in the beginning, but eventually gave up and moved to mid sec, but the better ore’s and opportunities are in the most unsafe parts of Eve, your have to Risk the Biscuits to get the Gravy… So we head out, Jump through a few gate’s, get to the system we occupy as well, still can’t own a system in low, mid, or high sec, but you can pay the local Concord to overwatch your mining fleets now, you get a small fleet with 2 marshals, and 3 enforcers, only one allowed per location, so if someone has them at your location you can’t call for another, this still doesn’t mean your can go afk however, it’s easy to have a small fleet distract the Concord fleet while another destroy’s you, the ganking now happens to those who relax their minds and multi task while in control of a Ship! Not paying attention gets you killed and it happens by the the hundreds maybe thousands every day. We Also have a very large empire built here, members and ally’s around all day and standing fleets most of the time, so our little mid sec system is very safe…
I get mining and get my fleet mining, pump the music and get working on resetting the Pi, Pi didn’t change, didn’t need to, the view’s got better all around everything looks so much better with the new Camara drones HD technology, New Eden is way more graphically pleasing. They did come up with a tech that greatly reduced the Power and CPU connections between the extractor and storage facilities, allowing us to build the storage and industry facilities we need in one spot, and be able to destroy the cheap extractor and move it anywhere on the planet, made pi life so much easier, and they integrated Pi and many other things, into an Easy program to run from our Mobile Holo Phones, so we can always be managing our Pi, factory jobs, and much more on the go ! The changes since the Great Reset, were massive, Concord, Edencom had a plan, they secretly built an army that couldn’t be matched by anyone, allied with Jovian’s and wiped out all the Corps, and pirate faction’s, disbanded everything, gave Corp owners 30 days to get their asset’s worked out, and scrambled everyone, during this they found massive new star systems never seen before, space got larger, a lot larger, Corp that were massive and owned all this sov space now had to restart from scratch, rebuild the Corp, recruit the members back and fight for a new home, many large corps did just that, but with new land available wars started and raged on still till today. And with it a renewed Faction Warfare that now demands much more from every Eve Pilot…

Not sure if this is a request for WIS or fan fiction?

A little of both :wink:

Faction Warfare be came the holy grail, outside null sec, now instead of just fighting for each side, you can alter the tides of the war by investing in the Faction your fighting for, with isk or ships, or fittings. The Factions will now buy your ships, fittings and ammo, by as many as you can make, and they will use them, the more you build for your Faction and invest into them the stronger they are, so thus the Faction War’s Raged to New Heights … Many thought this would hurt the market but it didn’t, there was a base line of items, the Factions bought and for a fair price, they didn’t buy tech 2 or faction items, only T1 across the board, and along with a few other changes, it leveled out the markets. We weren’t building ship hulls, and everything else’s at meager profit margins anymore, we were finally seeing 40% and up returns, wish it were better but at least its in improvement from the 1%-10% we struggled to get before TGR. After TGR everything got better for the industry, Faction warfare got crazy, and with the wars still raging in null sec, miners being ganked, destruction was everywhere. And it even came with new lore.

Dynamic NPC’s. Control of proxy NPC’s, pirates, trade organizations, criminal kartels. Substantially expanded planetary control. Wayyy more NPC’s traffic. a much wide range of NPC ships and stations. Major stations and structures in orbit around planets, including skyhooks. Far more dynamic NPC’s planets, populations and immersive storyline. Systems with somewhat realistic black hole/accretion disk. Political games that lean a bit less on the ships. Managing a wider range structures, real estate and activity in space. O neil habitats. A lot more narrative surrounding habited planets. Ship crews, either human, cyborg, robotic.

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The future of Eve is a failed attempt to rip off star citizen before failing and finally killing the golden goose.

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