Burner mission needs rebalance? What has being going on?

I also already had a Garmur kite fit slightly different from yours long time ago, so I just wanted to try a new one. You know, excitement?

yeah, but then dont complain. i always try to flew other ships, but not every ship works.

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I tried a Vigil fleet issue against Sansha Succubus burner, with extended web range, and few drones
to let you have a chance to warp out. I couldn’t make it but was close. I’d like to test it again on Sisi but I have no idea how to get that particular mission anyway.

in sisi, you just type
which opens a place to select (I advice dodixie or hek as those have L4 agents)
Then you dock, and you type
And you have +10 with everybody, so you can refuse/ask again to your agent.

It is not surprising. First, the Garmur is a pirate faction ship and second, the you acquire one is dangerous since you can only get those copies in lowsec.

didnt you see the ironic? :smile:

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Made Burner Team Jaguar in suggested fitting Garmur - It got me some time before I switched to EM damage for the Bursts. I tried before with LM and no chances. 5 min vid this time!

New video, this time the Hookbill had got to be expansive fitted. The fit that worked for burner Enyo couldn’t make it with 10.000 Guristas rockets… I gave up after 30 mins and upgraded the fit… now it is quite expansive, still cheaper than Garmur overall… It would be awesome if the Hookbill could have all missiles bonuses equal… it would have made it possible perhaps finishing the inquisitor with just Novas…

Enjoy the slaughtering!

I have seen only a Kestrel video on youtube, for Vengeance burner, 5 years old. Light missiles were doing 128 dmg per volley. Now with less than 190 per volley, with OH polarized fast rate of launch, it is almost impossible to break tank… Could you post a recent video of a Griffin doing a Burner Team LV 4 mission??? I would love seeing it. Cheers.

2 things with the garmurvid.

  1. use cal navy over gurista ammo.
  2. @25 vs the jaguar a wrecking shot will come sooner or later.

I have a question. I do these missions in a garmur and I have good skills. Almost everything that effects the garmur is at 5, minimum at 4. I’ve been using the fit hatless_gaming suggest in his videos.

When I did the Jaguar burner the first view times I orbited him as suggested at 26 km. That is until I was suddenly hit and almost got killed. After that, I increased the the orbiting distance to 27km and that worked for the next 10 or so runs.

2 or 3 days ago though, after I had just killed the first Logi, the Jaguar managed to hit me again, but my orbiting distance was correctly set at 27km and the actual distance was 28 km at the time. 10 seconds later I was hit the second time and died.

I’ve avoided this mission since then because I have no clue why the Jaguar manages to hit me although I seem to be doing everything correctly. I never had similar problems with Enyo, Vengeance or the Hawk.

Has anyone ever had similar expieriences? If yes, what can I do to avoid getting killed?

Just no luck.

Personnally I orbit jaguar at 30km. it’s the max distance from radial. All the other 20km.
I got shot only ONCE in … thousands ? of hours at this range.

Thanks for the answer. I read a bit further back in this thread and apparently these wrecking shots are not entirely uncommon with the Jaguar. So I think I’ll also try at 30 km, but It’ll probably take quite a bit of time to kill one logi with just mjolnir javelin. Maybe I try using ECM again. That didn’t work too bad for me in the beginning.

also, you can reduce the chance by using a restrained 5mn instead of a compact or T2 one.

And yes, having max skills definitely helps. (including launcher rigging, navigation skills, etc.)

IIRC when I was orbiting it 25km I was shot once every … 10 missions ? Then I warp off to repair as any other shot would kill me. When I switched to 30km I was only shot ONCE and that scared the ■■■■ out of me.

I’ve been testing the Jaguar hit chance below 30 km on the test server for a while. I even made a post about it on the other burner thread, check the discussion there if you’re interested. I ran another test later with a 27 km orbit for about 2 hours and 40 minutes, and got hit 6 times. That’s 6 wrecking shots over 4807, so the chance of getting hit at that range is 1/801 (according to my test). I’ve run the calculation Anderson suggested on the other thread, and the conclusion was that I could run 1120 missions without losing a ship if I spent 2 minutes each mission within 27 km of the Jaguar, or 560 if I spent 4 minutes. So what I’m saying is that I think you’ve won a lottery there, just not the good kind.

30 km orbits can hurt your completion time by frequently putting you out of range from the logistics, so if you’re having trouble I’d suggest orbiting one of the logi at 30 first, which will only put you in range of the Jaguar at parts of the orbit. Once you’re done you can switch to a 30 km orbit around the Jaguar to finish it off with Javelins, minimizing your exposed time.


I personally don’t agree with him (I had the same completion time) but also think he’s right, in that you should try several approaches and take the one that suits you.

when chance to hit is less than 1% , 100% of hits will be wrecking hits …

yes i didn’t say anything contrary to that did i

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