Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

Ever since glamourex hit the game, any point in doing other than agent burners for isk?

as others have said trade magstabs for more hardeners, and probably trade the damage control for a reactive armor hardener or assault damage control. can even do a dual rep fit pretty easy to just throw a cap battery in the mids and have a ton of cap for that.

also you don’t really want to zig zag as when you cross over at least one will be doing full damage better to spiral in. when you land you can go right or left directly down the middle of the turret grid and keep good transversal then once you get to the edge start to turn into the closest talos. once inside 20km or so I usually just ram them and then orbit 2500m or so.

Hiya’ @Chainsaw_Plankton - I’ve been mostly out of Eve since around they stopped doing Events, but wanted to stop in on this thread. I’ve got a QQ for you -

How up-to-date is Anize’s guide? It’s what I used to mostly use, sans the few typos. I was thinking about writing a modern version since hers is a few years old now - of course giving her credit where it’s due.

Would you be up for proof-reading? I’m thinking maybe having this cranked out sometime in July or August.

most of the fits are too old.

There are lots of better fits for much faster completion now.

For scarlet, the mach can be enhanced by using

  • lows : CN power diag, 2 gyros, 3 nanofibers
  • mids : 500MN SS(or compact), tracking computer, 2 RF LSE, 2 invuls T2
  • highs : full set of 1400 with RF EM, tractor T2
  • rigs : 3 hyperspatials

this fit is able to blap scarlet in the two rooms, but with the nanofibers it also is much faster.

The triglavians made it possible to do agent and base blood efficiently. drekavac is a “cheap” base blood runner, iki is an even better version. iki makes the base blood more worth than the base angel (with full capstable and tankstable fit wwith cold modules), drekavac needs a bit of tweaking and is neither cap stable nor tank stable but if you don’t get disconnected it does the job.

The zazzmatazz mission is wrong :
“On landing, burn straight at Zor and kill only the ships spawning close to him, the cruiser and battleship. Align out and destroy the indicated structure. Remember to loot Zor before warping as he may drop an expensive implant. Use RF Plasma or Inferno.”

On landing, target zor and the deadspace structure (you can set your overview to show those structure but not the other structures) , burn towards zor and kill it, then kill the structure while you tractor zor’s wreck.
This can be done in a T2 fit hyperspatial barghest in a very small amount of time. use rapid heavy with fury inferno - the cruise missiles will not have perfect application and thus require to lower your DPS, because zor is fast. The barghest can shoot zor from the landing beacon, meaning compared to a mach you gain a lot of projection and you don’t screw your tracking when approaching. Also you can orbit zor 500m so that when it dies you keep going towards it and don’t lose momentum. This allows to complete the mission and loot the wreck, as well as warp out, in less than 90s. Also the barghest can perma tank the room once zor is dead, and with 100k EHP good luck ganking it (for a mere 100M in modules)
Since the last increase in zor’s implant’s price, this mission has bbecame a lot more profitable ; however I have not been able to drop an implant on the last 20 missions I did, while before I made exactly 100 missions and dropped 10 implants. if it does not loot anymore, then the value of that mission (in terms of reliable loot) has been reduced from (150/10+15=30M) to only 15M (the zbikoki). If it’s just reduced to ±5% instead of 10% then it’s remained the same (the price of the implant has doubled)

I’ve been pretty out of the game too, mostly just trading and skill queueing lately. Good news is I haven’t really seen any reported changes. So think the burner sections should mostly be fine, any updates there should be relatively minor tweaks, but I know the mach fits are outdated as the slot layout changed. As @Anderson_Geten just said the nano mach is great for Dread Pirate Scarlet. AC mach is fine for zazzmatazz but as said the completion triggers are a bit off, and sounds like the barghest can do it slightly faster, not sure it’s worth recommending buying a barghest to save a few seconds on one mission. Also I think CCP broke a few blitzes with some patch, so I think the assault blitz might be off the table now.

I just started playing with the trig ships the other day so can’t say much about those, looking forward to trying them out though. If you can dunk on the blood base with the bc/hac maybe the new AF will be good for the blood agent?

Also some abyssal modules might be nice to use but getting specific rolls for those can be a long and/or expensive process.

if you want me to read it over send it to me pinging me on the forums is probably the easiest way to get my attention, don’t check my evemail all that much, especially now that I can’t read it through the forums, the one thing I actually miss about the last forums.

I don’t know, can it ? Not like I said before

I won’t give my fit but friends have been scanning pretty juicy pinata nergals in lanngisi…

not really.

  • the agent sansha is much faster if you fit a 1mn and two long-range webs to it.
  • there are much better choices than the DD for the agent guristas
  • the wolf can be cap stable fit vs the blood (but you also have other choices NOW THAT TRIG ARE HERE hint hint)
  • the agent serpentis can be shot using rage rocket with perfect accuracy.
  • you can kill teams using much ,cheaper, fits

Good point, like I said I’ve been out of it for a while I’ve seen so many fits I forget where each one comes from. I’ve made some of those adjustments but some of them are preference things like I prefer my cap stable setups to slightly more effective cap boosted setups and some things are just over fit. That and I’ve tried things like the rage rocket hawk on lower skilled character and just barely had the range to hit.

yeah the good fits are pretty skill intensive.
Also a range implant on the missiles is very cheap … and allows to shoot the jaguar from 30km.

good news, the iki and nergal can be cap+tank stable for the blood base /agent. the drekavac can’t (well at lest for the cheap fit, less than a B ) but can tank long enough to kill the sentinels, thus reducing the DPS to a manageable amount and the cap use to nothing to wory about.

I’ve been out of the game for awhile - maybe 5-6 months, but have been giving serious thought to declining Jaguar team burners given the Glamourex or whatever they’re called - if there’s help with standings, I think hourly rate might increate w/o doing 3 and 4-hop Jaguars. (But keeping 1 and 2-hops.)

Just an idea I’m playing with when I get time to try some more runs.

you can decline all team/base mission past 2 jumps. That’s an added total 1 min per jump for the mission, and that’s exactly the difference in time I have to kill between the enyo/hawk and the jaguar/vengeance ; that’s also the difference between a vengeance/jaguar and base blood/angel.

that means, in term of time those three are equal :

  • bser in your cargohold lol
  • bblood, bang in system
  • tjag, tven 1j away
  • thwk, teny, abld, agur 2j away
  • aang, asan, aser 3j away

agur is between the aser and the abld but since it’s worth less isks …
That’s just in terms of time, in terms of loot eg aang, asan, agur, abld are ■■■■.

I use an ab fit enyo, tales 20minutes; transversal is your friend.

In fact i have been using an Enyo for the worm and the vengeance and hawk teams, you can use it for the enyo too but its a bit awkward and i wouldnt recommend it.
I have been running with the enyo because of its capability to run at least 4 of the different burners with minimal fitting changes, the fit i use for the worm is also good for pvp so basically raom through syndicate looking for pvp and burner missions.
Some videos i did though they feel iffy now, really did them for corp members to look at tbvh.

all level 5 skills does help…

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Since im a fitting idiot and have no imagination, is there some alternative to the WOLF for Burner Cruor?

wolf is best bet, but didnt try some new fits on that.
any issues with the wolf?

The new trig AF might beat it, going to try that whenever I get around to playing again

Dual sink Nergal does it [edit: blood agent] in ~1m30s. Gun doesn’t even have time to fully ramp. :+1:

Just don’t accidentally repair in an NPC station :0

[Edit:] Got another one: 1m37s from gun activation, 2m02s from gate activation.

[Edit:} Jag Team (single sink) - 2m25s from the gate, 1m45s from gun activation. Brawl fit, ignore logi, just wait for the burn.

[Edit:] Enyo Team (single sink) - 2m05s/1m26s from gating/gunning. Might get away with a dual sink fit as incoming damage is pretty negligible at ~5km.

Could probably make a unified team Nergal. Jag/Enyo are easy because they orbit within Occult range (7km)… just AB/Web/Keep at 6km. Hawk/Veng will be just outside Occult which may complicate things a bit.

Won’t share specific fits because I’m bad and use Geno’s as an implant base, trying to avoid the pitchforks when they don’t work for others :wink: The team fit is AB/Web/Small battery/T2Nanopump – Blood is dual web/med cap battery/T2 ACR.


i have died multiple times in the wolf fit above, not enough DPS to break the damn bastard fast enough, before i run out of cap charges

can you share your fit and dps with your skills? have you tried the version with the censer battery?

Done it with this DD fit. L4 skills except Minmatar frigate V for the web. It’s risky as you need to get out of cruor range before you die :slight_smile: The cruor has a range of around 10k. You need a faction web.

[Daredevil, Blood Raider (prod)]

Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II

Co-Processor II
Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
Gistii A-Type Small Shield Booster
Coreli A-Type 1MN Afterburner

150mm Railgun II
[Empty High slot]
150mm Railgun II

Small Hybrid Locus Coordinator II
Small Hybrid Burst Aerator I

Federation Navy Plutonium Charge S x1000


Set keep at range button to 13500
Overheat Web
On landing, align out away from enemy with AB on.
Target enemy and web.
Once at 13.5 turn on weapons, keep at range.
OH weapons if necessary
Don’t forget to turn off OH on web. :slight_smile:


Has something changed in Cruor?
I tried it with Wolf fit but can’t push the armor. I did all like in videos but had only ~35 damage per volley.
In Pyfa Graphs I see 255 clear DPS on 3.6km, but in fact it was much lower. My fit (+ capacitor implants) :

[Wolf, Wolf - Cruor (+ cap imps)]

Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer
Thukker Micro Auxiliary Power Core
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Corelum A-Type Energized Thermal Membrane

Federation Navy Stasis Webifier
‘Censer’ Medium Cap Battery

200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
200mm AutoCannon II, Republic Fleet Fusion S
Caldari Navy Rocket Launcher, Caldari Navy Nova Rocket

Small Anti-Thermal Pump II
Small Projectile Burst Aerator II

P.S.: tanked him steadily for a long time (before good people saved me :slight_smile: )