Burner Mission - Ship advice to solo them including fittings

Is it possible to do the Angel Burner (Dramiel) with a Nergal? I gave it a shot with a build from the guide by Jori & Chainsaw, but I simply couldn’t track the guy with either ammo type. Tried both 2x Web and 1x Web /w AB, made no difference, even with heat. It’s the same build, only difference is a resist hardener for the mission. Anyway, I can always escape by sacrificing a drone, so it really wasn’t an issue messing around with it. I haven’t tried a tracking script yet. I’m not sure if it would do anything at all, really. I don’t have the skills to use a Daredevil. I could try a pimped Succubus, but I really wouldn’t want to lose it. Can it still work if I fit a Stabilizer or are those a complete meme now? I haven’t played the game in years. And when I do play, I just AFK in my Golem, doing level 4s. LIVING THE DREAM. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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try the succubus on sisi ?

I considered doing that, even before giving it a shot with the Nergal (thankfully I applied exactly 0 damage and the drones were far more threatening, so I could bail), but I don’t have access to the server. Don’t really know how it works. I assume CCP copy active characters every x months and those can be used, or maybe I did something wrong? I simply can’t log in with it. That aside, would you know if it’s possible to do it with a Nergal? Maybe max skills, tracking stuff? Don’t know if drugs that help with tracking exist.

ok so how it works :

  • download pyfa
  • simulate your fit

there are two cases :

  • either you can dictate range and so, keeping the burner at range < its orbit range , or > its range, will ensure you have a perfect tracking on it. For this you need to web it to a lower speed than you will go when it webs you. you can check its values here it orbits at 500m so keeping it at range 2000m for example should reduce its angular a lot.
    it has a base 2100 m/s and a -60% web so *0.4 speed on you. if you have one web 60% then you need to go above 2100 m/s with AB to dictate range, with a second web you need over 1005 m/s to dicatte range.
  • in the case you can’t dictate range, it will then orbit you with at 500m with 2100 m/s, with a signature of 11m. You can then enter this value in pyfa, and it will tell you how much DPS you do.

a nergal with two webs, an AB can go without implants to 1014 m/s so this should make you able to dictate range. setting your range at 4 000 m should allow you to track it perfectly.
I can also make a fit that can tank the dramiel for 2 minutes, without the perfect skills. It’s a bit expensive, but yes theoretically that is possible - assuming you kill it within two minutes.

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I see. So as long as I’m faster than him with his 1x Web on me and my 2x Webs on him + 1x AB, I should be able to track him by keeping a set distance in a straight line? Basically, as long as he isn’t able to orbit around me, I’m golden, right? That said, I’ve tried doing some “maths” in pyfa, as you advised (no idea what I’m doing, really), and I’ve also checked zkillboard, only to see very similarly fitted Nergals succumb to it (the Nos + Flux Coil fit, to keep the cap sort of stable). I really wish I could test this on the other server. Shame. And I can’t find any vids on YT about it, either. Otherwise I’d just use something that’s proven to work. Ahhh, I so don’t feel like throwing away 500mil. What a pain it is to grind. Oh well, I might flip a coin just to see if this is doable or not. If I crash and burn, will he pod me too? If not, can I bookmark the location, abandon the mission and see if I can recover anything from the wreck?

no, yes.

You mean this one ?

The guy forgot to put an explosive hardener. Or something else in the low …

this one:

I have no idea what he was doing.

Okay, cool. Thanks. I think I’ll give it a shot later. And yes, based on your advice and my limited experience unable to track the dude, I immediately saw the fits that were completely wrong. Unless you run 2 Webs and 1 AB and are faster than he is, you simply won’t hit the guy. That said, the second guy’s fit seems to be perfectly reasonable, minus the wrong hardener, I think. Maybe he also had speed issues. I figured out that unless I take the 5% Overclocker drug that I can’t beat his speed with the setup. Don’t have the skills yet. I’m thinking of trying it with an Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II. My resists with it are 70% EM, 85% TH, 54% KN, 79% EX. With the EX Hardener I gain about 11% resistance in EX, but lose everywhere else. He does a decent amount of EM damage too. In my previous try I went with both EX and EM hardeners and tanking wasn’t an issue as long as I had Cap Boosters. Can I test my tank in pyfa to see how long it could last with those numbers?

You are awesome!

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why did you not start by installing pyfa when it’s what I told you to do ?

But I did, as I said in my previous post. I just have some difficulty understanding it. Guess I’ll look up a tutorial or something.

You need to create a damage profile and a target profile for the burner.
You have all the data in the page I linked previously.

Thanks to your advice, I was able to melt him with 32 charges in about a minute or so. I appreciate it. You saved me 700mil, not to mention the whole learning experience. I wouldn’t have considered going for the 2x Web and 1x AB fit, stabilizing it with a Nos & Flux coil. I was doubting it, especially after seeing others failing with it on zkill. I wonder what they did wrong.

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sometimes it’s just a matter of the server ■■■■■■■ you deep.

Seriously there are some bug, if you are subject to them you lose your ship.

Other than that, I just gave you the tools to get the value yourself.
Now you know you can kill it in 1min, you can change your fit for more DPS, trading cap for completion time.
Also don’t forget to overload when it’s half armor.

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So today I went against the Burner Dramiel in the Daredevil cheap fitting. To my surprise I couldn’t break its tank at all- I was stalled at 2/3 shields for the most part, for a moment it appeared to fall back to half shields, but then it stabilized again at two thirds, I died shortly after. Void loaded, heated guns and all that, my ship was stationary and Dramiel was orbiting me at Void optimal at 1% speed.

Now I don’t mind the loss, but I am wondering what exactly I am missing here. My skills are close to maxed (6% DPS deficit compared to all V [276-294], I had the 5% DPS drug) so I think I am doing OK in that department. Is there any chance Dramiel got buffed since the making of this guide, or possibly a piloting tactic to look at? I’d appreciate if someone who recently ran the Dramiel in a similar fit could give their input. Thanks in advance.

This, most likely.

Guess I’d have to slowboat away to eliminate all transversal?

Thanks, I will give it another try on SiSi sometime.

keep at range otherwise you go faster than it. The range must be out of its optimal orbit range. 1500 is good IIRC.

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I tried fitting a sacrilege for the Dramiel escort.

It handles the tanking easily but I can only reach 450 DPS. Maybe more with bringing a bit.

Double web, one target painter and it’s cap stable.

Could it work?

Tying to get some feedback and an alternate fit please.

Burner Dramiel - Angel Agent

Was given the following fitting to run these burners and link to HateLesS_Gaming video and all looked great. Then lost 3 Daredevils in a row and alliance member who had no problems before also lost one!

[Daredevil, Daredevil - Burrner/Anomic Agent Angel]
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Co-Processor II

Stasis Webifier II
Republic Fleet Medium Shield Extender
Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier

Light Neutron Blaster II
Light Neutron Blaster II

Small Core Defense Field Extender II
Small Anti-Explosive Screen Reinforcer II
Small Anti-EM Screen Reinforcer II

Void S x6068

Have read Burner mission guide, Update 12.10.2019 check Introduction for details, by Jori McKie and Chainsaw Plankton and there are different fittings, more active, but a little dated; Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I no longer available, although I’m sure I can find an alternate.

I just wanted to confirm that someone has run these recently and the fitting that works please?

o/ Sin

try them on sisi first -.-