Bye Eve Online

Used as fuel for a new autothysian ship line. OP as hell and it quite literally runs on tears (and all the other stuffs).

There’s nothing stopping you building up your skills, friends, alliances, etc and one day going and ganking the gankers.

’ Revenge is a dish best served cold ’ - Khan



Why? Isn’t this your natural state? You chose to be the pray not the hunter

No, you are the sociopath

Congratulations for realising this and quitting instead of, I dunno, making a long whinepost about how awful the game is and how we must all change to suit your sensibilities.

Yes, this is EVE.

There’s plenty you can do. Scout ahead, don’t move through dangerous systems, use internal tools like map filters, use external tools like Gatecheck and Zkill, etc. etc. You just have to be willing to learn instead of giving up at the first hurdle.


Ah, it’s the return of the Internet Armchair Psychologist.

This is a PvP game. It advertises itself on the fact that you’re always “flagged for PvP”, for lack of a better term. This attracts both people that want to enjoy always being able to fight someone else and people that want to have actual risk associated with their activities.

It’s fine if this isn’t the game for you, but don’t try to drag everyone else down with you.

Alternative, significantly more useful advice: Don’t be a pussy.

Why? An eternity as a demigod sounds pretty fun tbh.

This is a roleplaying game. We are all playing a role. Some people’s role is to trade. Some people’s role is to travel. Some people’s role is to slaughter with reckless abandon.

I’m quite a pleasant person in real life. I volunteer at my local soup kitchen, donate to charity, and generally try to make the world a better place. In EVE, I am a genocidal war profiteer who is responsible for the wanton destruction of millions of civilians and the rampant plundering of ancient relics to sell to the highest bidder.

It’s all just a game.



I wouldn’t go quite that far…but the self-satisfied smugness of some who go round Eve as if they had some God given right to be the lions and everyone else the wildebeast is irksome.