Calculator: input field looses focus when using mouse

Some dev commented on my bug-report (EBR-244619) that it “appears that i’am suggesting a new feature … which is not the purpose of the bug reporting service”.

Sadly it shows that devs just don’t play the game. Ok then, so i’ll just post my bug-report as a “new feature” here as requested:

If i’ll press any button on the calculator using mouse cursor i can no longer use a keybord for input unless i’ll put a cursor into the input field.
I think it should be changed as it was before: input field wouldn’t loose focus while calculator is the active window.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Open ingame calculator: keyboard works for input.
  2. Press any button there using mouse.
  3. Keybord input no longer working unless you’ll put a cursor into the input field.

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