Can CCP manage this game or can they not?!

It’s bad enough that CCP forces players to play the game the way THEY want them to, in a so-called Sanbox.
It’s bad enough that solo players are being crapped on and forced to join corporations to play FOR said corporation instead of WITH other players.
It’s bad enough that everything is so F-ing expensive that isk-making is a priority instead of the fun one might’ve had.
It’s bad enough that the UI is crap.
It’s bad enough that so-called asteroids aren’t asteroids but piñatas with predetermined contents.
It’s bad enough that CCP has to shut down server “for maintenance” like some two-bit amateurish alpha-state demo.

It’s bad enough that CCP invents crap every two months to force players to spend more time and isk just to keep up - but now we have to deal with game freezes and stuttering every 5 seconds and disconnections??

Can CCP handle this monster they created?

For God’s sake!! We pay for this game every month!! Is it too much to ask that the server and its connectivity AT LEAST work?!?


One thing is for sure: They are trying their hardest to push away responsibility and control from themselves and put them into customer hands, and then blame the customers for doing things the wrong way.

If they were not, you’d have much less fun. Just take the current ice changes as indicator. You now have to look for ice belts and can’t mine if you don’t find any. This new system is so much more fun, I tell you. And your suggestion that asteroids should have to be checked every whatever-time-unit makes everything so much more fun again. If I had to look for ice or asteroids to mine or find the right asteroids to mine every single day, I would certainly have so much more fun.

This is much better than irregular, random downtimes other games use. It is predictable, it gives a set time for changes and upgrades that everyone can count on. Other games do that, too.


How can they dare talk about “players retention” when THEY’re they ones pushing players away?
I mean I know we live in an upside-down world but they don’t have to prove it in a game. It’s bad enough in real life.

Oh yeah, I’m having SO much fun with a game that freezes every 5 seconds.
It’s so fun to find out that CCP is engaging in false advertising when they label their game as “sandbox” when it’s clearly not a sandbox.
I’m having SO much fun worrying about isk instead of playing the game.

I’ve played half a dozen online MMOs and I never heard of “downtime” until I played EVE.


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