Can not use blueprint I purchased

I am trying to install the Civilian Data Analyzer however I purchased the blueprint for 20,000 from the Regional Market then I went to the Industry window but it was not there. I checked in my Item Hanger and it was not there either. I went back through the process, going first to my wallet, then the Regional Market to buy it then to the Industry window and it still was not there, however now I see two 20,000 credits deducted from my wallet. What’s wrong?

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It is very common to accidentally buy the blueprint from another station. It needs to be where it is used. Alt t to see where it is or buy a new one making sure location is current station


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Not sure why you’d want to buy a Civilian Blueprint. The Civilian modules are only good for the Career Agent missions along with a couple of the lv 1 Sisters Of Eve Epic Arc missions.

You can get Civilian Modules and Blueprints for free, there’s a Celestial Landmark Beacon (Shows in Overview) located in and around all new player starter systems called Rogue Cloning Facility.

The site has about 6 small groups of NPC Frigates (about 4 per group) that deal very low damage and are super easy to kill. Their wrecks contain Civilian modules and Blueprints. The NPC groups don’t auto aggro so you can kill a group, loot their wrecks and then move on to the next group, ect. However the NPC’s will quickly respawn so it’s a good idea to be quick when looting each group of wrecks.

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it is one of the mission things in the tutorial

If I remember correctly, the Civilian Data Analyzer is provided by the exploration Career Agent for free.

Anyway, the OP shouldn’t have to spend ISK to buy a Civilian BPC to make a Civilian module when there’s plenty of ways to get that Civilian stuff for free.

If the Civilian item is needed to complete a mission and was lost due to the players ship being destroyed, a Support Ticket requesting a mission reset is usually granted very quickly by CCP.

The starting tutorial requires you to buy a civilian analyser blueprint, as I recall. It’s meant to be part of teaching you how to use the market.

It’s not the Career Agent mission - as you rightly note, in that one it is provided.

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Anyway, on the toolbar on the left side of the screen you should see an “Assets” app. This will list all the stuff you have at ALL the stations. If you see the blueprint you can right-click the station where it is and set autopilot destination, then go there and pick it up and bring it back to your base.

Market shows you stuff that’s available for sale at all the stations in the region; first column in the market interface shows you how far away they are. You can sort the market by price OR by distance, by clicking on the appropriate column like in Excel.

There is no teleportation in EVE; if you buy an item at a different station you have to go there to get it. Or you can also right-click the item and create a courier contract for someone else to move it for you, but you typically pay a price of 4-500k per jump. In any case, no mailing of items / no teleportation.

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