Can this Paladin Solo a Drifter with a Doomsday?

I was wondering if this Paladin fit would survive a drifter doomsday.

Picture Below

Note: There would also be a set of amulet High-Grade Implants for 35% additional Armor HP which is not included in the estimated Ehp.

Is it worth trading all that application for tanking that DD solo?

Like you literally do nothing to anyone with a simple orbit lol.

Please I hope you rethink this before you end up on a WH zkill.

When on full health if would survive the doomsday weapon, yes. It deals 640.000 damage (160.000 to each damage type). That doesn’t mean it could fight or kill the Drifter solo. -_-


If you’re thinking about running Drifter Hives, you’ll probably have to tank two or three doomsdays through the site.
This is why cheap t1 cruiser fleets are generally the way to go, although if you’re prepared to wear the loses, a t3d fleet has been known to work.
So, yes, from full health you should be able to tank a single Drifter doomsday. However, by the time you’ve gotten through the shield’s so they fire said doomsday, you will no longer be at full health.

Final answer: you will NOT be able to solo a doomsday wielding Drifter. Even if you survive the DD, you still have their armour and hull to get through.

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What if you had Nestors as logi, I think I can get the fit for them for around 1.3B

Picture of Fitting

1: no remote reps while in Bastion.
2: the Drifter may decide to DD a Nestor instead of the Paladin. It’s a random choice amongst what’s on grid.

  1. Do not engage with the nestors or warp in until after the Drifter has doomsdayed.

  2. cycle the bastion module so that it ends right 10 seconds after you kill the drifter over shield which is the trigger for the doomsday and only do bastion in cycles of 1 cycle, no auto repeat.

What, exactly, are you trying to do? Kill a Drifter on an Unidentified Wormhole in k-space? Or run a Drifter Hive site? Or kill the Drifter at the end of a c5/6 combat anomaly?

My original idea was to kill the drifters in high sec by attacking autothysian lancers but wormholes could be fine too like Drifter wormholes.

Autothysian Lancers in High Sec which are randomly roaming next to Jove observatories:

Wave 1 = 5 autothysian lancers

Wave 2 = 4 autothysian lancers and a drifter spawn which occurs sometimes.

You will still have to tank the Drifter’s regular ~1k dps damage until the cavalry arrives. You will need to tank the Drifter long enough to chew through its shield’s and trigger the DD. It only has 5k shield hp with ~50% resists across the board.
So factor all that into your plans.

So while awaiting the cavalry, you’ll have a window of much lower resists after you’ve eaten the DD.

I’m not entirely sure that non Arithmos or Hikanta Drifters have any loot drop worth mentioning.

Hey, have a crack and let us know how it turns out. Maybe rock Guardian logi over Nestors? They’re a lot cheaper.

I will give it a try at some point and I hope others will too.

possibly guardians that’s a decent idea for Logi aswell, I think either would work as long as you had the amulet high grades in and timed the cycle of bastion correctly.

We gave it a try when Drifters were first released. We decided that a fleet of small ships and a doctrine of Acceptable Losses was the way forward.

You know Drifters* will pod you?

(*with the exception of Arithmos).

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If you are flying that expensive of a fit a full set of amulet high grades is like 4B so it isn’t that much of a loss more than the maurader. If you do die and quickly warp out if possible you will have a 2 second window before the drifter kills you.

Just so long as you’re aware of it.
I look forward to hearing how it goes for you. Please tag me in any update thread.

Man, what if you ran armor links with a command ship which would increase your EHP by 20% for armor but you would want a mind link implant to increase the armor HP and resistances boost from the command bursts.

You should be able to most definitely survive the doomsday if you have armor links. This would increase survivability and it is only 500m.

You could also run shield links if you are still unsure about your survival of the doomsday weapons by the drifter.

This increases your shield resistances and Shield HP by 20% too with a mindlink implant.

And this is all you should need to kill the drifter with that battleship which it is 450m for the shield links.

Yes, that will definitely help. So long as the Drifter is focused on the Paladin, giving the links boat time to skedaddle before the DD pops. Maybe a fast align command destroyer? Warp in, pop links, boogy out?

That would work the command destroyer, or you can use command ships. Either way it will help you survive the doomsday and keep the command ships far away from the drifter if you use them but they are not really that expensive at 500m each. Command Destroyers would be the even cheaper faster route, if you wanted to just warp in boost then warp out which would cost around 100m to 200m.

How many pilots do you have in the group wanting to do that?

You would need 5 pilots in a group to do this. One in the Paladin, Two in the Nestors and Two in the links ships.

If you run guardians, you may want more logi it may require up to 4 logi if you run guardians, which would make 7 pilots with 4 guardians, 2 links ships, and 1 Paladin.

If you want to try it on “Hard Mode” then try 3 pilots which is 2 nestors or 2 Links ship and 1 Paladin without links or logi but only “Good Fits” for the marauder can handle this version.

If you want to try it on “Ultra Hard Mode also known as Balls of Steel Mode” then bring just the Paladin which requires 1 pilot and solo the drifter.

Warning: Only excellent fit Paladin can handle this if you are not in a really good fit, you will die and lose that Paladin.

Note: For all versions you must have a full set of amulet high grades on the Paladin pilot.

Seven, or even five, tinker Kikimora or Damaviks could also do it, you’d just have to accept that one ship will die. This is the Acceptable Loss Doctrine.

Most of those who’ve run Drifter Hive sites have taken T1 Cruiser or T1 Destroyer fleets. You’ll face at least two, and up to four, DD Drifters in a Hive, which at least has some worthwhile loot to go after. T3Ds and logi are also a popular choice.

This is all just theorycraft until you actually do it.